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Peace elite

Peace Elite Computer Edition 1.4.6

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  • 手游PC版 Game type: Mobile game PC version
  • 简体中文 Game language: Simplified Chinese
  • 4.70MB Game size: 4.70MB
  • 腾讯 Game Production: Tencent
  • 腾讯 Game release: Tencent
  • 2019-05-08 Time to market: 2019-05-08
  • 射击 FPS 吃鸡 Label: Shoot FPS to eat chicken
  • Win7, Win8, Win10 Operating system: Win7, Win8, Win10
  • 2019-10-22 Updated: 2019-10-22
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game introduction

Friends who like FPS shooting games must not miss this game "Peace Elite". This work is the latest game released by Tencent. In the game, players can experience a lot of new elements, including 4V4 team mode, and more convenient operation , More variety of dress, etc., players can flexibly team up and enjoy the fun brought by eating chicken. Interested friends may wish to visit Xunxun download experience.

Peace Elite Computer Edition

Game Features

Unreal Engine 4 R & D presents next-generation perfect picture quality
In order to bring more realistic and detailed pictures to the players, Photon Studio Group not only carries Unreal Engine 4 research and development, but also fully optimizes the basic performance of the game, and finally presents the next-generation perfect game quality. Multiple super-real-world maps introduce players to the hyper-realistic athletic training ground, where players can experience rich environmental changes and experience more realistic game scenes.

Real ballistic hyper-realism creates immersive experience
"Peace Elite" attaches great importance to the player's immersive experience. The game also carries realistic simulation design in terms of props to give users the most authentic experience. Various realistic weapons, rich vehicles, airdrop supplies, match equipment, etc. in the arena are highly realistic. Simulation of dozens of firearms' true trajectories and throwing trajectories, whether it is trajectory, recoil performance, or shooting sound effects.

Hundred-player fair play strategic gameplay increases game fun
Hundred-player competition is the key to the main game of "Peace Elite". In the game, players can obtain collections in different realistic scenes by completing investigations, teamwork, tactical division of labor, cover and rescue, and so on. The final victory and powerful anti-plug-in function also ensured the fairness of the game.

gaming strategy

Tips on "Peace Elite":

1.Break the route
As soon as you enter the game and open the map, you can see the aircraft routes, and the routes of each game are different. Most players will choose to land in popular cities near the route, and there are fewer players who land farther from the route. Then we can immediately find the vehicle to go to the distant resource point after landing.

2. Flexible choice of landing place
Popular landing sites such as Picardo and military bases are very rich in resources and popular. This means that a relatively large number of people landed. However, everyone's landing time and speed are different, so when the player parachutes and finds that the player has landed on the target location and picked up a firearm, he immediately adjusts the flight direction and flies towards other places.

3. Always look for bunkers
Covering with obstacles is an important life-saving method when players are fighting. Once found to be attacked by an opponent, the player's job is not to look back for the source of the bullet, but quickly look around to find a shelter that can resist the bullet. This shelter can be trees, stones, corners, haystacks, vehicles.

4. Flexible use of throwing weapons
There are currently four types of throwing weapons in the game, and each one has its own advantages. First of all, the fragment grenade is very powerful and is an indispensable weapon for attacking buildings. Smoke bombs are used as a cover, which is necessary when using drugs or rescue teammates. Shock and incendiary bombs will work wonders in the tiebreaker.

Game update

Version: 1.4.6 Updated: 2019.10.22

1. Classic Mode-New Content:

1) Limited-time gameplay in classic mode: Twilight Town on the top of the ruins and the SS4 disguise party. In the Twilight Town on the top of the ruins on the top of the hill, everyone can wear a prom mask on the stage and dance on the stage. Time; attacking the "waving ghost hand", "jumping pumpkin", "ghost lamp hanging from the tree", "fluorescent bat" in the night can bring you great surprises! Follow-up hours of Twilight Town, please pay attention to the official announcement, so stay tuned;

2) Elimination playback function: After the team has been eliminated in the battle, you can view the video clips before being eliminated in the settlement interface, so that players can understand the entire process of being eliminated. At present, this function is only available on some models, and it needs to be turned on in the basic settings to experience. More models will be gradually opened in the future, so stay tuned;

2. Creative Workshop-New Gameplay:

1) Creative Workshop-Firepower Showdown: On the basis of classic competitions, increase flying vehicle helicopters to experience land and air combat, compete for super weapon boxes to experience the power of heavy firepower weapons, and use communication towers to recall eliminated teammates. New gameplay, Firepower upgrades, double the excitement! The firepower duel mode does not count towards the ranking score;

2) Firepower heavy firepower weapons: RPG-7 rocket launcher, M3E1-A missile, M134 heavy machine gun, short tube *** launcher, M79 and MGL *** launcher;

[Optimized content]

1. Classic mode-experience optimization:

1) The UZI submachine gun has added an upper guide rail, which can be equipped with sights: red dot sights and holographic sights;

2) Crossbow added ballistic trajectory special effects;

3) The classic vehicle-off-road vehicle and sedan models are newly upgraded to give you a more authentic experience; off-road vehicles can only be brushed out in the classic mode island map, and cars can be brushed out in the classic mode island map and snow map.

4) Optimization of amphibious armored vehicles: When there are already players in the car, only teammates can get on the car, and players on other teams cannot get on the car anymore;

5) Players can use medicines during the movement. Medicines include: first aid kits, painkillers, energy drinks, bandages, all-around medical kits, and adrenaline. The movement speed will decrease during use.

6) When the player recovers the blood volume with the bandage, the bandage can be automatically and continuously used;

7) In the classic mode island map, a music box function has been added. A music box will appear in some rooms. When players approach, they can click the play button to listen to beautiful music.

8) Optimized the performance of flame particles in the combustion bottle;

9) Optimized the explosion effect of the fragment hand *** on the surface of different materials;

10) In the full map of the classic mode, new player standby actions are added, for example: a snow map shakes during standby; the standby action is visible only to himself and his teammates during the battle;

11) Optimized the left probe angle to provide players with a better side probe experience;

12) When a teammate fires, a new fire icon is displayed above the teammate's health.

13) Optimized the icon display when eliminating enemies;

14) Optimized the position markers of teammates outside the mini-map. When the teammates are not within the range of the mini-map, the direction of the teammate's location can be more clearly indicated;

15) Optimized the performance of screen effects when the health value decreased due to hits;

16) Voice intercom mode in battle, when the "Voice" button is clicked, a prompt sound effect is added to facilitate the player to confirm that the intercom mode has been successfully opened;

17) In the case of a four-row team in the classic mode, when the number of teams remains 2 or more, a squad assembly animation display is added before boarding in the battle;

18) Optimization of battle settlement display scene in classic mode;

Version: 1.3.6 Updated: 2019.8.27

[Classic Mode-New Content]
1) New Firearm-Desert Eagle: Supports .45 bullets and supports accessory slots: sights, magazines, grips; classic high-power hunting pistols, with the highest damage and sub-bore speed in the current all-pistol type! Will be brushed out on all maps;
2) New vehicle-amphibious armored vehicle: amphibious vehicle with super-durable anti-*** tires, which can continue to move in the water; when it is attacked, it will get a certain amount of damage. Deductions. This vehicle can only be summoned by a flare gun. It will replace the "bulletproof UAJeep" summoned by the flare gun and can be summoned on all maps;
3) New mechanism-Grab and climb system: Supports players to grasp in the air, allowing players to move between buildings and buildings, containers and containers, so that players can go to places that were previously unreachable, thereby changing player movement, The ability to explore and survive. Grab and climb action trigger mode: After pressing the jump button to take off, find the right time in the vacated state and press the jump button again to achieve the grab operation;
4) New mechanism-Explosive mechanism of fuel oil barrels: Fuel oil barrels will explode after being attacked by firearms and throwing objects, causing range damage to the surroundings;
5) New Scene-Maple Leaf Forest: New maple leaf forest scenes have been added to the island map. Features such as black picnic spots and four-person swings have been added. Invite three or two friends to the classic tourist destination maple forest.

Game Quiz

1. What should I do if the computer version of "Peace Elite" reaches the upper limit?
First register an account with an Android phone and log in to the game (using WeChat or QQ account), and then log in again using the simulator, you can log in normally.

2. What is the signal receiving area and signal value, and how does it affect the players?

In the game battle interface, the signal bar is displayed below the player's health bar.
After the competition starts, a circular signal receiving area will appear on the map. As the competition progresses, the signal receiving area will continue to shrink. When the player is outside the signal receiving area, the signal value will continue to decrease;

When the signal value drops to a certain value, the "hit" state is triggered (that is, the state of the signal bar changes from "normal" to "hit"), and the player's damage when attacked becomes higher;
Players will be eliminated when the signal value is 0! Players should pay attention to their signal status during the competition.

The signal value can be recovered using two kinds of props: "signal battery" and "omnipotent medical box". The "signal battery" can return 50 signal values at one time, and the "omnipotent medical box" can return both health and signal values at one time. Players can pick up these two items in the map scene or in the air drop box.

Article recommendation

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Game recommendations

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:游戏采用偏卡通的风格,除了基本的大逃杀玩法,游戏还加入了建造元素,玩家可以收集木头、铁块等材料,制作墙体、地板、楼梯等建筑,布置更多的战术。 Fort Night : The game uses a cartoonish style. In addition to the basic Battle Royale gameplay, the game also adds construction elements. Players can collect materials such as wood and iron blocks to make buildings such as walls, floors, stairs, and more. Tactics.

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Key operation

下蹲 C squat
趴下 Z lie down
换子弹 R for bullet
地图 M map
语音 Y Voice
视角切换 V perspective switch
乘坐 T ride
快速拾取/跳伞/开/关门/驾驶/乘坐/下车/救援 F Quick Pick / Skydiving / Opening / Closing Doors / Driving / Riding / Get Off

Game screenshots

  • 和平精英截图2
  • 和平精英截图3
  • 和平精英截图4
  • 和平精英截图5
  • 和平精英截图2
  • 和平精英截图3
  • 和平精英截图4
  • 和平精英截图5

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