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Terminator 2 Judgment Day

Terminator 2 Judgment Day v1.40006.341733

  • Type: Shooting Shootout
  • Size: 1.95GB
  • Language: Simplified Chinese
  • Updated: 2019-11-18
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Terminator 2 Judgment Day

游戏评分 7.0 Game Rating

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Millions of people serve! Up to 120 people in a single game will be black! The world of 3D high-definition picture quality, rich terrain and diverse scenes, super shocking battlefield, fast-paced gun battle experience; Voldemort just listened to his voice and argued, nervous and exciting blood burst! The vehicle crashes passionately, and the speed of life and death is staged with time! Variety of equipment can be freely matched, showing unique strategies and tactics! "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" will bring you the ultimate fast-paced gun battle competitive experience!

Terminator 2: Judgment Day Game Features

-Wide map, high-definition picture quality, rich terrain showing unique tactics: jungles, factories, towns, mountains, warehouses, oceans, farmland, rivers ... dozens of different topographical features, more than a hundred different tactical routes, up to One mountain, one river, as small as a grass and a tree are enough to become a tactical element that affects success or failure. Realistic and delicate scene performance, high-quality light and shadow effects, present you the ultimate experience of immersion!

-Fair play, vehicle racing, entertainment and entertainment enjoy the operation experience: all skin decorations in the game will not have any impact on the battle attributes, and a completely fair playing environment will be firmly displayed. There are many kinds of vehicles, and the jeep has its own advantages. International leading physics engine, drift rotation, flying stunts, everything under control!

-Multi-equipment, free matching, unique offensive and defensive new gameplay: rich and diverse firearm equipment, unique shooting feel, freely matching weapon accessories, each soldier can match his own style, and each battle has A unique moment. The ground is hidden, and no one shot or one bomb is thrown; the road chases the car, showing the wild nature; occupying the building is king, and the battlefield on one side ... the road to victory is more than one. You play the game!

-Team ranking, voice open, tactical collaboration to compete in the competitive battlefield: Convenient and fast team matching, and challenge the peak of the ladder together! Zero-latency voice communication, no additional operations to interfere with the battle. How inconvenient are people around? It's ok! The original visualization of listening position identification and the textualization of quick information allow you to never miss any key information even in the most noisy environment.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day Experience Tour

Accessible platform construction, easy entry

"Terminator 2: Judgment Day" breaks the barriers between iOS and Android platforms, successfully creating a super competitive atmosphere for millions of people to serve. Even more surprising is that the installation package of "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" is only over 500 trillion. Even a low-profile machine can be installed and operated without pressure.

Super scale battle, extreme challenge

In today ’s update, “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” continues to maintain the size and tactical space advantage of 120 players in a single game, and further optimizes the game interface, strengthens the effect of clicking weapons to change bombs, and moves the backpack button position. It's more convenient to get the props near the quick medicine.

HD detailed big scenes, real exploration

In terms of operation, the vehicle control method is optimized to feel more realistic after the optimization of the vehicle control method, and the drag racing battle is more exciting; the squatting and landing postures in battle will affect the rear seats and distribution data of the firearms. In addition, the automatic bomb change after picking up weapon bullets is added. Features to make the presence more intense and the battle smoother.

All battles in "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" are conducted through virtual technology simulations, with the goal of accumulating experience for human soldiers to fight against the mechanical army on the premise of zero casualties. In order to achieve this goal, all maps and personnel in training are projected according to real prototypes. The maps are wide, the terrain is complex, and everything can be real.

When we first stepped into "Terminator 2: Judgment Day", the first thing we had to face was the skydiving test. It was quite a test of the player's control ability to accurately airborne to a certain location.

At the beginning, all players are in the "bare-handed empty boxing" state, so the first task is to compete for equipment, and at the same time to avoid the dangers of laser dead circles, air bombing, and ambush by opponents on the battlefield.

After getting the weapon, the survivability is guaranteed. Next, we can choose whether to sneak or drive the vehicle with two feet in low key according to the environment. Terminator 2: Judgment Day provides a variety of vehicles, which is cool. Motorcycles and luxury supercars may become your car, but the driving methods of different vehicles are different. You need to practice hard to prevent rollovers.

You can also show your swimming skills while passing through the waters on the way, but you should also pay attention to whether there are enemies lurking around. The vehicle will automatically turn off when the vehicle enters the water. At this time, the character can only rely on his physical ability to continue to move forward.

As the safe area shrinks, there will be more and more encounters. At this time, you must be proficient in the combat equipment in Terminator 2: Judgment Day, otherwise you will be at a disadvantage in battle. In the new version, the red smoke prompt for airdrop supplies has been enhanced to make it easier for players to find supply boxes and get more equipment, but at the same time the danger of encountering enemies is also increasing.

For new players with poor marksmanship, grenades are also a good choice. In Terminator 2: Judgment Day, accurate parabolic trajectories can be displayed. As long as you can master the enemy's movement law, the winning chicken leg will not be too far away. .

In today's update, after the battle, the system will issue massive gold coin rewards based on player performance, and the gold coins can be used to purchase fashion. A large number of fashionable Chinese clothing and sports equipment are prepared in the exterior system for players to freely match and highlight the personality charm of the battlefield elite.

"Terminator 2: Judgment Day" also added a sharing function, players can share additional rewards through sharing, camouflage vests, female characters, fashion hairstyles, massive gold coins and cool jackets and other gifts are waiting for you!

Terminator 2 Judgment Day Update Log

[New content]

1. The hero mode is officially launched; the test version of the full hero exemption campaign ends, and one of the designated sets can be collected to obtain the permanent use of the hero;

2. This week's hero showdown is limited to free hunters, extreme riders, battlefield commanders, and synthetic monsters;

3. Attacking new hero——Comet of the sky enters the battlefield: she has a floating cannon to accompany her and attack the enemy with her; when the big move is launched, a powerful comet cannon can be summoned, and a lot of firepower is poured to the enemy instantly;

4. Hero Duel gameplay enables the function of reselecting heroes: On the hero selection interface, if you are not satisfied with the 3 heroes assigned by the system, you can spend Qibao points to re-randomize until you get a satisfactory hero at random (only random to the player) Heroes currently available);

5. Optimized the hero showdown interface display: You can now identify teammates ’waiting for resurrection and disconnection midway through the status of teammates’ blood bars, and you can check the teammates ’choice of heroes on the map interface;

6. Custom room support to open hero duel mode;

[Adjustment and Optimization]

1. The battlefield commander ’s active skills [Air Supply] summoned the airdrops, obtained new models and special effects, and greatly extended the airdrop landing time; at the same time, shortened the initial cooling time of the [Air Supply] skills to compensate;

2. Adjusted the feel of Spirit Sword and Heart Stealing. Now when Spirit Sword and Heart Stealing are close to the enemy, they will not automatically aim at the enemy and advance;

3. Adjusted the hero-Red Shadow Mask, changed its appearance, and renamed it "Synthetic Beast"

4. Personal record of hero duel mode data;

5. The history system will support the hero duel mode;

6. The traveler's bag in the hero duel mode and the treasure hunt mode is replaced with new art resources;

7. Optimized the driving feel of extreme drivers, and passive effects of extreme drivers can now take effect on the entire team;

8. Increased the initial health and life growth of the hero duel-Red Mask Mask, and appropriately increased the moving speed when running;

9. Optimize the skills and artistic effects of heroes such as Spirit Sword, Heart Stealing, Ghost Agent, Terminator, hacker zero, and battlefield commander;

10. Increase the duration of the bounty hunter skill CD and reduce the increased health of its passive skills to balance the current status of the hero;

11. In the hero duel mode, the damage reduction skills cannot reduce the damage of the poison circle;

[Bug fix]

1. Game stuttering issue fixed;

2. Fixed the problem that heroes will not be harmed from falling from height in hero duel;

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Terminator 2 Judgment Day v1.40006.341733 for Android

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