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Wilderness Operation

Wilderness Operation v3.2

  • Type: Shooting Shootout
  • Size: 1.90GB
  • Language: Simplified Chinese
  • Updated: 2019-04-10
Wilderness Operation

游戏评分 7.4 Game Rating

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Wilderness Action is a multiplayer real-time online survival survival battle royale shooting mobile game, random flight routes and weather system, huge maps to hide and hunt! Diverse firearms and components, simulate the real shooting feel. Players will devote themselves to the battlefield of hundreds of people, compete freely, search for materials in the huge map, arm themselves, and constantly strengthen their own power. Do n’t miss the favorite friends!

Wilderness Action Game Features

"Operation in the Wilderness" really achieved a starting battle for 100 people. Large map with ultra-long line-of-sight, and the mobile terminal has carefully designed a variety of operation modes to bring players a smooth and comfortable competitive experience!

[Hundreds of large-scale maps with ultra-long line of sight]

Hundreds of people fight in a single game, scattered around the wilderness, exploring towns and villages, and training in virtual world battlefields; maybe short-street alleys at the end of streets and alleys, or long-range snipers in ambush confrontations; each showing their own skills, fighting for themselves, and supporting you to the last home !!

[Ambush Rush Sniper Attacks Solve Problems in the Most Skillful Way]

Every move requires extreme caution! No one knows what unexpected things will happen in the next second, and if there is an opponent waiting in the jungle in the distance ... play your heartbeat and solve the problem!

[Group excitement is infinitely fun and doubles]

Provides two and four player mode, compete with friends to open the black! Teams support each other, material collection efficiency is greatly increased, and real-time voice exchange information; strategic layout and gameplay are diversified, tactics cooperate with routines to emerge, fight with enemies, rescue each other, and increase victory.

[Weapons and equipment are freely matched with an eight-fold mirror and silencer. This is stable!

Equipment supplies are refreshed randomly, guns and weapons are freely matched, various components are upgraded powerfully, and there are a variety of operating modes designed specifically for mobile phones. You can choose the best competitive experience that suits you. The situation is changing rapidly, unlimited choices, unlimited possibilities, all in one thought.

Wilderness Action Game Guide

First point of survival, do not skydive in advance. Friends walk together all their lives, whoever jumps first is a dog. After entering the island range, you can be prompted to press F. You can look at the back of the plane from a third person perspective. When F can be pressed, there is a black person in the back, like a dumpling. The map is so big, there are so many supplies, so many people. Several people may have been shot dead with a fist pan just before landing. Maybe he survived and couldn't find any supplies.

The position of the aircraft is random. But it is also regular. The course of the aircraft must pass within the first wave of radiation. Generally, you will swipe out of the safety zone in about 30 seconds after landing (the time for swiping the safety zone is the last person to land). After no one jumps to a place with you, you can choose to search the house near the car and wait for the brush circle. If someone jumps to the same place with you, you have a relatively high degree of confidence to pick up a gun before you can pick it up, otherwise go straight to the car. Because death on the ground is equivalent to eating one less chicken, or eating two or three first five less. So there is no need to take the car as far as possible because of a head adventure.

The primary goal of jumping down is to pick up guns and body armor helmets to protect yourself. Followed by backpack medicine bullets. Then look at the map radiation range. Determine where you are and where you want to go. If you pick it up in the circle, you can. If you are too far outside the circle, walk for 2 minutes, and if you are close, walk for 1 minute. The location for brushing the car is generally on the highway, and there are blue cars in some garages on both sides of the road.

Update tips

1. New Year's 50V50 special game "Dumpling Dumpling Duel" surprise is online!

In this mode, players will be free to choose to join the "Dumpling Team" or "Tangyuan Team" to fight, each team is limited to 50 people; after the countdown ends, the party with the most remaining players wins!

Enter the in-game leaderboards through battles, and have Chinese New Year gift pack rewards; an additional 20 players will be drawn each week to give special rewards!

2. The new "Big Head Fighting" casual gameplay is intruding!

In this mode, players will form a camp of 10 people, with a total of four armies fighting!

Defeating your enemies will make your head bigger, and you will be resurrected after being defeated; you can also pick up interesting hoods and gain attribute bonuses!

3. The new version of the city street map is online. In the new map, you can:

Parkour walks between tall buildings, snipes enemies on top of distant buildings, and suppresses ambush opponents on the ground!

Waiting for opportunity in the alley, ambushing the breakout, and fighting a short and fierce battle!

Join the new map and experience the best urban three-dimensional combat!

4. New guns are online to help you make new maps!

The famous gun of World War II-Mosin Nagan sniper rifle comes on stage, with unique loading action, it will be taken away in one shot!

Almighty Gun-The new AR-18 automatic rifle is online, and it can cause extremely high damage during medium and long range shooting.

The King of Melees, the Thomson Submachine Gun, debuts, designed for street fighting and indoor combat, suitable for close fire suppression.

5, new urban vehicles, bicycles, light vehicles and off-road vehicles on-line!

Green and fuel-efficient bicycles are suitable for traveling through the city and hiding their tracks.

Lightweight and agile light vehicle, suitable for team travel and shifting positions.

Off-road vehicles with strong off-road performance are suitable for assault operations and break through the siege.

6. The "Shared Team Uniform" experience is online!

After the players form a team, the captain can share the fashion with his teammates as his team's uniform, fight against the enemy, and fight in the wilderness!

7. Innovate weapons and props, and upgrade the tactical experience

Added a new item-C4 bomb, which can be attached to any vehicle or scene and remotely detonate! Arrange traps and win with wit!

Newly added firearm accessories-grenade launchers; after assembly, players can launch grenades and other throwing weapons through the firearms, with a long range and great damage.

Added a new throwing weapon-gas bomb; can cause continuous damage effect, players within the poison gas range will continue to lose active value.

8. The game experience is fully optimized

(1) The map of the urban front can destroy some small components. Please pay attention to the changes around you when looking for shelters.

(2) The waiting area of the Urban Front map has added some baseball and bats to the baseball field.

(3) Cancel the release of the crossbow in the classic mode, the crossbow will return after iteration, so stay tuned.

(4) Optimized the crosshair display mechanism under special conditions such as leaning against the wall.

(5) Type 88 and AUG guns with built-in mirrors will not be automatically equipped on these two guns.

(6) Skydiving increases the speed of movement in the horizontal direction and allows you to pass directly through high-rise buildings.

(7) Optimize the performance of teammates' famous brands, and increase the effect of far and near.

(8) The initial route of the Hurricane Peninsula map has been added to facilitate players to reach more areas.

(9) When watching a game, you can continue to switch to other players to watch the game; add more battle information of the player being watched; after the game, a prompt interface has been added to see the players and teams that have finally won.

(10) During room watching, click on the blank area in the mini map to enter the high-altitude perspective of the location, and optimize the display effect of teammates and opponents' brand names.

(11) The gunshot effect has been added to the mini-map during the battle in the room.

(12) The driving parameters of the three-wheeled motorcycle have been optimized to improve stability and acceleration performance.

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