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Three Kingdoms: Total War 1.4

Chinese version of hardcore mech

  • Burst 2: Cracken version

  • Mustache in the house English version

  • Animal specimens made in English

  • Killing Spire 2.0 Chinese Version

  • Orange Blood English

  • Orangeblood in English

  • Crazy high-rise tycoon cracked version

  • Axia's Alchemy Studio: Alchemist Chinese Edition


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  • 1

    Dragon Quest: Builder 2 Chinese Version

  • 2

    Rotating Tires: Muddy Mercedes Chinese

  • 3

    Eternal Life: Vampire War Chinese

  • 4

    Palm Simulator: Survival Chinese

  • 5

    Dark Blood: Genesis Chinese Version

  • 6

    Terminator: Resistance Chinese

  • 7

    Hunter: Call of the Wild DLC Integrated

  • 8

    Wild Ocean Chinese

  • 9

    Iron Division 2: Bloody Vistula Chinese Version

  • 10

    Doraemon: Nobita's Ranch Story Chinese Version


Popular stand-alone games

  • Chinese 8.7
    Immortal Journey 2: The Mountain of Life

    "Immortal Journey 2: Mountain of Life" is the second work of the puzzle adventure game "Immortal Journey", in which the player will solve a mysterious case of disappearance, find Jonathan and uncover the hidden secret behind it. The game screen is exquisite, bright and bright, and the game content is quite rich, which also contains some mysterious props.

  • Chinese 9.0
    Minecraft 1.8.1

    Speaking of sandbox games, you must mention the classic work of "Minecraft". Excellent gameplay is the root of its popularity. The 1.8 version that was previously updated has major updates in game functions and structure. Now "Minecraft 1.8.1" further optimizes, updates and fixes a large number of bugs on this basis, so that we can better experience this amazing work.

  • Chinese 9.1
    Rotating tire

    "Rotating Tire" is a simulation business game produced and distributed by the Oovee team. The game uses the Havok physics engine to simulate various difficult terrains. All you have to do is drive on the worst road in the world. This game has a very realistic climate, lighting and physical effects, and players feel as if they are there.

  • Chinese 9.0
    Counter Strike CS1.6

    "Counter-Strike CS1.6" is a first-person shooter game based on teamwork. It is a game derived from one of the game modules (MOD) of the famous game "Half Life". Although it is just a simple MOD, it is popular all over the world. WCG, CPL, ESWC and other world top e-sports competitions all use CS1.6 as the competition item.

  • Chinese 8.9
    Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne

    "War3: Frozen Throne" player abbreviation (War3) is a real-time strategy game produced by Blizzard. It is the third generation of the "Warcraft" series. The game was officially released in 2002 and has been released since then. It has gone through 27 versions from v1.00 to v1.26. provides you with the latest Chinese version of v1.26 resources.

  • Chinese 9.0
    Thick Universe Soup

    "Dense Universe Soup" is an action adventure game. In the game, players will control the robot to find all kinds of delicious soup ingredients. At the same time, they will also face many dangers-attacks from alien plants and animals, bad competition from opponents, etc. Wait. The game was originally called PixelJunk Inc (Pixel Junk Series), this game is the first game after the original series was renamed. So interested friends hurry up and download it!

  • Chinese 9.1

    The background of the game is set in modern New York. The hero of the game is a comic-type anti-hero character-Alex Mercer. what. You need to use the protagonist's various superpowers to find his past. The protagonist Alex in the story is likely to involve some of the government's top secrets in biochemical research.

  • Chinese 8.9
    Minecraft 1.7.2

    "Minecraft 1.7.2" is the latest version of the survival adventure building game "Minecraft". In this work, the entire game world is composed of various blocks. Players can destroy them or build them with their own blocks. thing. In order to survive and develop in the game, players need to obtain resources through logging, mining, hunting and other methods, and build weapons and tools through a synthetic system (this is somewhat similar to the "ranch story").

  • Chinese 9.0
    Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge

    Remember that Superman Yuri in Red Alert 2? This time in the expansion pack "Red Revenge 2 Yuri's Revenge", he will become the leader of an army and fight against the allies. Ambitious Yuri will use his own mind control ability and genetic mutation plan to become the ruler of the world. Stronger, the game has added a multiplayer mode that can be operated by any three parties: cooperative task mode.

  • Chinese 8.7
    The Combination of Isaac: Rebirth

    Have you remembered that the editor has brought an action RPG game called "The Combination of Isaac" to players, this game has attracted the attention of many players with its alternative style after its release. The developer of this work is now Nicalis

  • Chinese 8.8
    Red Alert 2: Glorious Republic 2

    "Republic of Glory 2" is a major upgrade for netizens after the classic game "Red Alert 2 Republic of Glory". This update fixes many game loopholes and blocks some backdoors for cheating and cheating. In the new version of the game, the upgrade is blocked from stealing, solving the problem of disconnection, removing the function of copying money from the copy center, adding the official background music, and optimizing the game resolution.

  • Chinese 9.1
    Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne

    Warcraft III: Frozen Throne is an expansion pack for Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos. Players can choose to control four races in Warcraft 3, two of which appeared in its predecessor, Warcraft 2 Kuroshio. They are humans and orcs; the other two are the chaos of Warcraft 3. New races in the "Governance", they are the night elves and undead.

  • Chinese 9.0

    "StarCraft" is a real-time strategy game owned by Blizzard. The game is set in a sci-fi story background, and is organized around three imaginary galactic races: Protoss, Zerg, and Terran. Each race has its own unique unit. There is no strongest race in the game, only the strongest players. You must be familiar with the characteristics of each unit to win the final victory.

  • Chinese 9.1
    Red Alert 3 World War

    The story of "Red Alert 3 World War" describes the retreat of the powerful Soviet Russian army, the Allies preparing to attack the Kremlin in one fell swoop, General Kukov and Colonel Chadanco are determined to desperate, using untested secret weapons: Russian army The machine of time and space; as a result, they rewritten history, under the leadership of Prime Minister Zadanko, put the Allied Forces on the verge of defeat, but they unexpectedly discovered that the rising sun empire quietly expanded, the sacred Emperor Fanglang chose to launch an attack at this moment .

  • Chinese 8.3
    CF Cross Fire Standalone Edition

    CF CrossFire Stand-alone version is completely new, achieving super high official imitation. Newly added four modes: competitive mode, ghost mode, biochemical mode, and savior mode for players to experience. The new version will bring better graphics and sound effects. Added 8 new melee weapons and 26 new firearms. Support one-click conversion in personal warehouse. There are also new characters Spirit Fox and Lurker Swart joining the battlefield. Everything is ready for you to fight!

  • Chinese 8.9
    Minecraft 1.8

    Speaking of sandbox games, I believe that the status of "Minecraft" in similar works can not be shaken by any kind of work. Minecraft 1.8 has undergone a major update compared to the previous version. First of all, it is optimized in terms of functions, which is more in line with the player's operating experience. The second is to improve the structure to remove redundant parts. Version 1.8 includes three modes of creation, survival, and extreme. Welcome to experience.

  • Chinese 8.8
    Plants vs Zombies 2

    The full name of "Plant Vs Zombies 2 Computer Edition" "Plant Vs Zombies 2: Wonderful Time and Space" is an orthodox sequel to the classic tower defense game "Plant Vs Zombies". PopCap Games for Windows, Mac OS X and iPhone OS Development. The game integrates elements such as real-time strategy, tower defense, and card collection. All the player needs to do is: the player controls the plants, resists the attack of zombies, and protects this botanical garden.

  • Chinese 9.2
    Red Alert 2

    "Red Alert 2 The Glow of the Republic" contains the most complete map and upgrade pack collection, including dozens of map upgrade files such as the Glow of the Republic and the rise of China. Three new weapon packs have been added. Abnormal bugs are displayed above.

  • Chinese 8.6
    Seven Day Kill

    "Seven Day Kill" is an open world game that combines first-person shooting, horror survival, tower defense, and role-playing elements. The game emphasizes open world exploration and explores buildings or caves in various places. The game has a dynamic story generation system. Players You must find a way to find food and water to maintain basic survival. The game also has mining and manufacturing systems, and there are hordes of horrible zombies waiting for you to fight.

  • Chinese 9.0
    Minecraft 1.7.10

    The latest version of the omnipotent sandbox game "Minecraft" "Minecraft 1.7.10" has been released. In this work, a new feature-map upload tool is added, and new features and fixes of Realms (domain) are added. Realms (domain) BUG and other updates will bring a better game experience to the majority of players.

  • Chinese 9.1
    Minecraft 1.6.2

    "Minecraft" is a 3D sand table game independently produced by designer Markus Persson. Players play the game from a first-person perspective. This game is version 1.6.2 of Minecraft. The design and production of this work are derived from a variety of games, the more famous of which is "The Guardian of the Dungeon", and "Infiniminer" also had a considerable influence on the author during the release process.

  • Chinese 9.0
    NBA 2K14

    "NBA2K14" is the sixteenth work of the "NBA2K" series of basketball games, produced by 2K Sports, the game will add many new systems, and the game will join the European League team for the first time, rejoin the international basketball factor, 14 top European leagues Clubs will be added to the game, and these teams can be selected to play against American teams in the game.

  • Chinese 8.6
    Need for Speed 18: Rivals

    "Need for Speed 18: Rivals" is a new work in the "Need for Speed" series. The game is created by the Frost 3 engine. In the game, players can choose to play as a driver or a policeman. Both sides have their own challenges, adventures and rewards. In this work, Ferrari models will return to the "Need for Speed" series for the first time.

  • Chinese 8.9
    The Three Kingdoms

    "Three Kingdoms" (Third Kingdoms) is a commercial game adapted by Taiwan's Xiangxiang Electronics Company based on "Three Kingdoms", one of China's four great masterpieces.

  • Chinese 9.2
    Minecraft 1.8.6

    "Minecraft 1.8.6" is a new version released immediately after 1.8.5. This version does not change much. It mainly fixes several reported security issues, fixes some bugs, and this update resolves Problems that were not fully fixed in 1.8.5. Although the content of the update is very limited, it is recommended that you download the latest version for a better experience.

  • Chinese 9.0
    Need for Speed 9

    Need for Speed 9: Most Wanted offers a unique, high-speed, exciting racing genre. Promote players to constantly modify their files and street reputation, so that they become the highest rewarder of street racing on the police blacklist.

  • Chinese 9.2
    Warcraft III Frozen Throne

    Produced by Blizzard, it adopts a new full 3D engine, and introduces RPG concepts such as hero upgrades and treasures. The brand-new human, beast, undead, and elves have 4 very different styles of races. Good balance and convenient control are real-time in 2002. A masterpiece of strategy ...

  • Chinese 8.7
    NBA 2K15

    "NBA 2K15" is the 15th work of 2K Sports' sports NBA series. The game hired Durant, who won the regular season MVP last season, as the cover character. Will be the best in history.

  • Chinese 9.0
    Minecraft 1.6.4

    "Minecraft 1.6.4" is the latest version of the construction game "Minecraft" with survival and adventure elements. In this work, the entire game world is composed of various blocks. Players can destroy them or use their own. Blocks build things at will.

  • Chinese 9.2
    Horse Riding and Slashing: Battle Team

    "Horse Riding and Killing: Battle Group" is the first expansion of the critically acclaimed "Horse Riding and Killing". The game will bring a lot of new elements to players, and prominent online features will allow 32 players to play in death. Team up one point in a map in mode.

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