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Human Simulator

Human Body Simulator English

  • The Legend of Vestalia: Chinese Knight and Star Witch

  • Romance of the Three Kingdoms 14

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  • Sixth field cracked version

  • Dean's Legacy

  • Magnia cracked version

  • Omega: Beginning Crack

  • Rock-paper-scissors simulator


Popular action games

  • Chinese 8.0

    "Famine" is an action-adventure survival game produced and distributed by Klei, the production team of "Flash". The story of "Famine" is about a scientist being teleported to the wilderness of another world by a demon. He must use his own wisdom to survive in the harsh wild environment, almost like "Tokyo Jungle" with dexterous hands, or "Minecraft" with the digestive system.

  • Chinese 9.1

    The background of the game is set in modern New York. The hero of the game is a comic-type anti-hero character-Alex Mercer. what. You need to use the protagonist's various superpowers to find his past. The protagonist Alex in the story is likely to involve some of the government's top secrets in biochemical research.

  • Chinese 8.9
    The Three Kingdoms

    "Three Kingdoms" (Third Kingdoms) is a commercial game adapted by Taiwan's Xiangxiang Electronics Company based on "Three Kingdoms", one of China's four great masterpieces.

  • Chinese 8.8
    God Eater: Burst

    "Big Eater: Burst" brought to us by the famous Japanese game developer Bandai Namco (NBGI) is an action adventure game with a fantasy story background. This work was launched from the PSP platform in 2010 and the game is on sale. Since then, it has won the favor of many players. The editor brings the integrated version of the "God Eater: Burst" simulator to the player. After downloading this version, the player can use the PC to run the game.

  • Chinese 9.0
    Thick Universe Soup

    "Dense Universe Soup" is an action adventure game. In the game, players will control the robot to find all kinds of delicious soup ingredients. At the same time, they will also face many dangers-attacks from alien plants and animals, bad competition from opponents, etc. Wait. The game was originally called PixelJunk Inc (Pixel Junk Series), this game is the first game after the original series was renamed. So interested friends hurry up and download it!

  • Chinese 9.1
    Resident Evil 4

    In the latest generation of Resident Evil 4, players will play Leon, the leading actor in Resident Evil 2. Rein has become the top agent of the US government in this generation. Mission to a certain village in Europe, encountering the violent villagers of the whole village, and falling into a hard battle

  • Chinese 9.1
    Beautiful water world

    After launching the shooting game "Featured Selection 2", the game developer Unknown Worlds Entertainment brought us a different style of work-"Beautiful Water World". Open-world sandbox games are very popular these days, and this work is also in this category. In this game, the player will play a survivor who escaped from the wrecked spaceship. Since the spacecraft has fallen on a planet covered by water, the player must strive to survive in this water world.

  • Chinese 9.2
    Massacre Prototype 2

    The new version of "Battery Prototype 2" is still happening in mutant New York. Players will play the new protagonist James Heller, a veteran who lost his family. The former protagonist Alex Mercer will be your enemy in the sequel.

  • Chinese 9.1

    "Terraria" can be said to be the famous independent game 2D horizontal version of "Minecraft". The two games are very similar from the screen to the gameplay, but "Minecraft" is 3D, "Terraria" is 2D. Players need to continuously build or destroy the entire world in the game.

  • Chinese 9.5
    Devil May Cry 5

    "Devil May Cry 5" is a new orthodox sequel to Capcom following "Devil May Cry 4," the story of which takes place a few years after "Devil May Cry 4," and revolves around the protagonist Nero, and Nero gets "Devil May Cry" lights and set up his own mobile demon hunter organization, he will work with new partners to stop the demon invasion.

  • Chinese 9.2
    Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition

    "Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition" is a new version of Capcom's "Devil May Cry 4". The game has greatly improved many original contents this time. New modes include "VERGIL GAME" and "LADY / TRISH GAME" , Dante and Nero's level can be played with lady, Tracy.

  • Japanese 9.3
    Ultraman Fighting Evolution 3

    Altman Fighting Evolution 3 is the third in the Altman Fighting Evolution series. Compared with the previous two, the production of the pictures, special effects, and nirvana of this work have greatly improved.

  • Chinese 9.3
    Lego Marvel Super Heroes

    "Lego Marvel Super Heroes" is an action game featuring Marvel comics heroes. It will include Marvel's many comic hero characters. With a unique model of Lego, it will restructure a sci-fi and adventure world. There will be 8 of them. The most iconic scenes are from X-Men, Hulk, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Iron Man 3 and other works.

  • English8.5
    I want to be a man

    An extremely difficult adventure game that has never been played will become the object of ridicule. Players will experience the process that a young, ignorant child goes through in pursuit of their ideal character.

  • Chinese 9.2
    Dragon Ball: Super Universe

    Fans of Dragon Ball Fighting Games, your welfare is coming. A few days ago, the latest work of Naruto series fighting game "Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm-Revolution" Bandai Nanmeng (NBGI) will launch a super Dazzling 3D fighting game masterpiece-"Dragon Ball: Xenoverse", this fighting game adapted from Toriyama Akira's "Dragon Ball" has a sophisticated game screen and fully respects the original animation character image , Action and plot design.

  • Chinese 9.2

    "The Forest" is a first-person horror adventure game. This game is an open game. In the game, the surviving passenger of a wrecked airplane played by the player. After climbing out of the airplane, he arrived in a mysterious forest in order to survive. Players must build their own houses and explore mysterious and unknown places to obtain survival resources against the barbarians. In addition, players can explore mysterious caves and underground lakes in the game, and observe the growth and death of those plants .

  • Chinese 9.0
    Devil May Cry 4

    "Devil May Cry 4" is the fourth work in the "Devil May Cry" series. When everyone focused on how Dante wielded a big sword and fiddled with firearms in the next era, CAPCOM used "Dante's strength in previous works has reached To the top "for the reason

  • Chinese 9.1
    Zombie Siege 2

    In "Zombie Siege 2", the player plays the role of journalist Frank, who trades life for news clues in a city full of zombies. The biggest feature of this game is that there will be thousands of zombies on the same screen, and there will be no slowdown in the picture. The details of these zombies are also very realistic. In order to enhance the realism, sometimes the game will use the lens of the camera held by Frank in the hands of the presentation, the picture using the dim old photos, the feeling of blood and horror deeper. Due to the huge number of zombies, players must be good at using the environment, and almost all objects in the environment can be used as weapons.

  • Chinese 9.4
    Illness Simulator

    "Sickness Simulator" is a game developed by independent game producer Yanderedev. In the game, the player manipulates the sick and sick Yandere-Chan to destroy her competitors by various cruel methods, and eventually monopolizes her senior Senpai. Although the method is a bit straightforward, as long as it is not noticed by the senior. Favorite players, quickly download and play, seniors come to the bowl.

  • Chinese 9.4
    Tomb Raider 9

    In "Tomb Raider 9", the player will return to Laura's original adventure and experience her splendid process of becoming a great adventurer. In this work, the sexy goddess Laura has a huge change in appearance. Latina will "blend the dual characteristics of strong humanity and fragility."

  • Chinese 9.2

    "Simulation Goat" is an action-oriented funny game in which players will control a goat to perform a series of destructive activities. A goat can destroy everything in your field of vision, and you can get a corresponding score. If you do tricks after breaking things, such as backflips and 360-degree turns, you will get more points.

  • Japanese 9.2
    Dragon Ball Z: Lightning Flint 3

    "Dragon Ball Z Electro-optic Flint 3" is composed of several main modes, such as story, ultimate battle, martial arts club, battle, and ultra-cultivation. Among them, the story mode is undoubtedly the most important, and the sections that are loyal to the original will be presented one by one in the story flow.

  • Chinese 9.5
    Desert Island Survival

    "Desert Island Survival" is a first-person adventure indie game developed and published by Beam Team Games. The protagonist played by the player has to work hard to survive on a deserted island. The bitter protagonist survived the plane crash. Drifted down to this isolated island, but the island is really small and pathetic, there is nothing else but sparse vegetation and a few trees.

  • Chinese 9.6
    Eastern Red Devil Township

    It was summer in Fantasy Town. However, for some reason that day, the sky of the whole fantasy town was shrouded in thick red fog. The daylight was blocked, making this fantasy town's summer seem extremely cold.

  • Japanese 9.0
    Ultraman Fighting Evolution: Rebirth

    Ultraman Fighting Evolution Rebirth is a fighting game based on Ultraman. It is the fourth work in the Ultraman Fighting Evolution game series. In the game, the player plays the M78 Nebula Ultraman and the monster starts a fierce battle. When the monster appears, the player transforms in the light and performs a story mode like a TV series. When the conditions are mature, Ultraman will issue a very The dazzling rays of light shot at the monster.

  • Chinese 8.9
    Street Fighter 4

    "Street Fighter 4" is the latest in the classic combat fighting game "Burning Whirlwind" series. It inherits the series for traditional 2D gameplay and uses the latest 3D drawing technology to reproduce the original 2D drawing style in a more gorgeous way. The game is based on the world's most popular 2 generations, and players familiar with Ryu, Ken, Chun-LI, and Dhalsim will make their debut again. The operation and system are also inherited from the 2nd generation, which fully reproduces the techniques of nirvana, continuous technique, cancel technique, super nirvana, etc. including wave boxing, dragon dragon boxing, tornado whirl foot.

  • Chinese 8.4
    Horse Riding and Slashing: The Battle of the Vikings

    The latest DLC in "Riding and Hacking: The Warband", "Viking Conquest", this DLC will take players to Britain in the dark ages, when Vikings are killing and invading British Isles, burning and looting. The DLC map provides British Isles, Norway and Denmark, with a complete storyline on the West Bank, and also provides a classic sandbox mode, adding a lot of diplomatic options. "Viking Conquest" will provide new naval warfare modes and beach plundering functions. In addition, armor, weapons, scenes and characters will be added, all of which fit the historical facts of the dark period.

  • Chinese 9.0
    Resident Evil 5

    The story of Resident Evil 5 was unfolded in an unknown town in a hot desert. According to Takeuchi Jun, similar ethnic conflicts have occurred in this area. Residents are excited and various violent incidents occur frequently. As in the real world where racial conflicts and even feuds occur, here is full of chaos, society has lost its original order, and the boundaries between justice and evil have become blurred. Our main character, Chris, went to this turbulent area to investigate under such a background.

  • Chinese 9.2
    WWE 2K15

    2K Sports brings the latest sequel to the US professional wrestling (WWE) series of sports games. This is a game based on the most popular wrestling events in the United States. Give players more exciting wrestling live experience.

  • Chinese 8.9

    "Corruption" is a first-person zombie survival online game that uses Unity 3D to produce cooperation and confrontation. The game uses PVP (player vs player). Players see other players can choose to partner, ignore, or kill directly. other side

  • Chinese 9.2
    Justifiable Defense 2

    "Legitimate Defense 2" is a game with aerobatics as the selling point. The story happened a few years after the previous game. Rico was enjoying the beautiful sunny beaches in South America, but his old partner Maria Kane interrupted his vacation. She Rico was asked to find her mentor, Tom Sheldon, and kill him. The man had become a robber and hid on Panau Island, which is in the Malay archipelago.

  • Chinese 9.0
    Zombie Siege 3

    "Zombie Siege 3" is a new series of Capcom's zombie-themed game "Zombie Siege". Zombie-themed games are widely loved by players, especially the game has a large number of zombies and a wide variety of weapons, allowing players to experience refreshing and exciting zombie games.

  • Japanese 8.8
    God Eater 2

    "God Eater 2" is a sequel to "God Eater" released in 2010. It tells about the battle between the human and the desolate god in the world that has spread further in the world three years after the previous work. The stage of this work is set to the world three years after the previous work. The world still hasn't got rid of the "desolate gods", and their natural enemies, the "God Eaters", are still fighting them relentlessly. In addition, this game will use a new protagonist, and there will be new weapons and new wild gods that everyone looks forward to.

  • Chinese 8.0
    Dig or die

    Explore, fight, combine, and build your own fortifications together just to survive! Today, this work brought to you by the editor-"Dig or Die" is a pixel-style action RPG game. In the game, the player will become a survivor who accidentally falls on a different planet, and you are helpless. You will face hostile monsters and you must do everything to survive.

  • Chinese 9.1
    Lego Jurassic World

    "LEGO Jurassic World" is the latest in the LEGO video game series, which tells the successor to Jurassic Park, Jurassic Park 2: The Lost World, and Jurassic The story after Park 3. Players can experience and relive all four "Jurassic" movies in the game, allowing players to fully enjoy the game. It is expected to launch in June of this year, and the game will land on almost all game platforms including Windows 10.

  • Chinese 9.1
    Devil May Cry 3

    "Devil May Cry 3" describes Dante, who just founded the Demon Hunter Office. After the mysterious man brought a message, he launched a confrontation with many invading demons and Vergil with Dante as his twin brother. It will also appear as a hostile player and start a gorgeous showdown of Western two-handed swords against Japanese katana.

  • Chinese 8.6
    Attack on Titan

    "Giant Hunter" is a fan-adapted game adapted from the popular anime "Attack on Titan". The game is produced using the Unity engine. In the game, the player-controlled characters shuttle between obstacles to avoid the giant's attack and kill the giant.

  • English8.9
    Bloody good times

    "Bloody Good Times" is a story work "Ambitious young people murder for fame". The characters in the game are selected by B-level film directors, and they must do everything possible to get the chance to play supporting roles. The game uses Valve's Source engine, which supports 8-player multiplayer battles.

  • Chinese 9.0
    Rotten State: Anniversary Survival Edition

    Microsoft launched a zombie survival game called "Rotten State" in 2013. This game received high scores from several game evaluation media including IGN after it was released. Now Microsoft has decided to launch this game. A remake of this game-"Rotten State: First Anniversary Survival Edition". This version integrates multiple DLC content updated after the original game is released. Players can directly experience crashes and lifelines after entering the game. At the same time this version also supports this version also supports 1080P resolution display, the game screen is more clear and realistic.

  • Chinese 8.9
    Dinosaur Kombat

    "Dinosaur Kombat" is also known as "Dinosaur Island" and "Yellow Hat". In the game, you can run fast two times before, and you can punch with punches during running, which is very popular with players.

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