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Human Simulator

Human Body Simulator English

  • The Legend of Vestalia: Chinese Knight and Star Witch

  • Romance of the Three Kingdoms 14

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  • Omega: Beginning Crack

  • Rock-paper-scissors simulator


Popular puzzle adventures

  • Chinese 8.7
    Immortal Journey 2: The Mountain of Life

    "Immortal Journey 2: Mountain of Life" is the second work of the puzzle adventure game "Immortal Journey", in which the player will solve a mysterious case of disappearance, find Jonathan and uncover the hidden secret behind it. The game screen is exquisite, bright and bright, and the game content is quite rich, which also contains some mysterious props.

  • Chinese 9.6
    Undead Journey 4: The Obsidian Book

    "The Undead Journey 4: Obsidian Book" is the fourth work in the series "Undead Journey" of a puzzle-solving adventure game. The game continues the excellent graphics and twists and turns of the series. In this work, we will follow Dr. Schroeder and stop Dr. Schroeder, who has a bad heart. A brand new adventure is waiting for us.

  • Chinese 9.3
    Ghost Hotel 8: Eternity

    As the latest work in the "Ghost Hotel" series, "Haunted Hotel 8: Eternity" continues to conduct in-hotel reconnaissance adventures. The overall style of the game follows the style of the series of works, and the excellent production level is as always, and it is worth looking forward to this work.

  • Chinese 9.3
    Dark Fable 9: The Sand Queen

    "Dark Fables" is a magical series of puzzle games released by BIG FISH GAMES. Now its latest work "Dark Fables 9: Sand Queen" has also been released. Play as a legendary detective and start an investigation around conspiracy, betrayal and revenge. Can you separate the illusions from reality and face the terrible Sand Queen?

  • Chinese 9.5
    Mysterious Twilight 4: Mourning the Past

    "Mysterious Twilight 4: Remembrance of the Past" is the fourth work in the mysterious dusk series of the puzzle game. I found that Grandpa wrote a letter to her before she died. The letter mentioned that a dark shadow had been following Grandpa. He suspected that it was related to the past. I hope you come to him quickly, but everything is too late. How exactly did the fire happen, and what secrets did Grandpa have in the past?

  • Chinese 9.2
    Surface 7: Alone in the Fog

    The puzzle adventure game "Surface" released his latest work-"Surface 7: Alone in the Mist", this time, players will face a weird little girl, hordes Crow, an empty chaotic town, what kind of challenges will you face! <br />

  • Chinese 9.6
    Dance of Death 4: Thin Ice

    In "Dance of Death 4: Thin Ice", you will play as a detective to investigate the incident of female star Ruth Fisher being stalked by fans.

  • Chinese 9.2
    Unlocked room

    "Unlocked Room" is a classic 3D secret room escape game launched by Fireproof Games. It brings you a creative, bizarre journey with beautiful scenes, dangerous traps and mysterious. Atmosphere is of course a fascinating puzzle.

  • Chinese 8.7

    "Zero Zero" is a game with the theme of Japanese-style monsters and horrors. In the game, players will play the protagonist threatened by various evil spirits, and defeat all kinds of evil spirits with "projectors" capable of removing spirits Threat to death, and solve the mysteries and conspiracies hidden behind many evil spirits.

  • Chinese 9.3
    Brave Heart: World War

    The background of the story of "Courageous Heart: Great War" is set in the war between Britain and Germany in the First World War. The five protagonists who have different origins, affiliations, life encounters, and occupations will jointly depict a Touching works of love and survival, sacrifice and friendship under war.

  • Chinese 9.3
    Mystery Painting Tower

    Tower of Enigma is the latest puzzle game developed by Big Fish Games Studios. It will take you into the world of pictures. Conquer the challenging puzzles, unravel the puzzles in the tower of painting, and rescue the girl Iris.

  • Chinese 8.5
    Dark Fable 8: The Little Mermaid and the Purple Tide

    In Dark Fable 8: The Little Mermaid and the Purple Tide, a fisherman witnessed the purple tide rushing to the shore. No creatures could survive where it passed. The player's task was to find the source of the purple tide and remove it.

  • Chinese 8.9
    Cruel Lie 8: Ultimate Suspect

    "Cruel Lie 8: The Final Suspect" is the latest in the cruel lie series of the puzzle adventure game. The character facing many dangers will start his adventure again. The game is about meeting a dead victim in your own home, and then some disputes occur, and Ney loses his short-term memory of the incident. Believe that with your top investigative stunt essential for home travel, the truth will finally surface one day!

  • Chinese 9.3
    Stanley's Fables

    "Stanley's Fables" is an experimental "narration-led" first-person adventure game. It is different from ordinary picture-finding adventures. It is through the meaning of the game, the exploration of choice, freedom, storytelling, and reality. .

  • Chinese 9.6
    Illusion 4: Fear of Oakville

    Illusion 4: Fear of Oakville is an adventure game produced by EIPIX.

  • English 9.4
    Five Nights at Freddy's

    <p> The protagonist is the security guard of a pizzeria. This shop has a lot of teddy bears in order to attract children. In fact, these teddy bears have AI robots under their holsters. Players need to monitor the interior of the store after midnight. But these teddy bears have begun to move somehow, and the silent nights become scary, and you have to spend five nights like this! !! !! & # 160; </ p> <p> So, do you want to be pushed by Mengmeng Teddy Bear or doomed to be lonely, which one will you choose? </ p>

  • English8.8
    Ghost Teletubbies 2

    "Ghost Beast Teletubbies 2" is a horror escape type game with the theme of the fascinating Teletubbies.

  • Chinese 9.3
    Corner bar

    "Street Corner Bar" is a warm healing horizontal puzzle game. The game is independently produced by the fungus. The vertical drawing, map, walking map and CG in the game are all carefully drawn by the author. s work. The plot in this game occupies a relatively large proportion, and the story is also very exciting. Players who like the story content game are worth experiencing.

  • Chinese 9.3
    Plant elf

    Amnita Design, the developer of the adventure puzzle game "Plant Elf", announced that its game will be released on the PC and Mac platforms on the 19th of this month.

  • Chinese 8.4
    Puppet Show 7: The Cost of Eternal Life

    In Puppet Show 7: The Cost of Eternal Life, you will play a journalist to a small town known for its various puppets. The recent disappearance of reporters in this town also includes the protagonist's friend. The protagonist, with the help of Helen and the mysterious little puppet, investigates this world-renowned emotional theater to find the truth behind the incident.

  • Chinese 9.4
    Mystery Tracker 9: The Cape of Winter

    "Mysterious Tracker 9: The Cape of Winter" is an adventure puzzle game produced by Elephant Games. You have to play as a detective to investigate the case in the snowy Cape of Winter.

  • English 9.2
    Five Nights at Freddy's 4

    The final chapter of the series of thrilling adventure puzzle games "Five Nights at Freddy's"-"Five Nights at Freddy's 4" finally meets players. This work launched by Scott Cawthon in 2014 is believed to have been tortured For lovers of thriller puzzle games. The horror story in the previous three generations of games has always happened in the pizzeria, but this time the scene of the story shifts, because those chilling dolls are already looking for your home.

  • Chinese 9.1

    "PRICE" is a dark fairy tale thriller puzzle work. The main character of the game, Avery, wakes up from a nightmare and finds that the room he is in is full of weird atmosphere. He wants to escape from fear and darkness. He You must rely on your own search and exploration to find the ultimate truth.

  • Chinese 9.2
    Final Clip 5: Viper Girl

    In "Final Clip 5: Viper Girl", you will investigate the secrets of the popular actress Audrey Quinn's private life.

  • Chinese 8.9

    "Sheltered" is a survival strategy game. You need to protect your family and keep them safe in the desolate post-apocalyptic era. A father, a mother, a daughter and a son are the protagonists of the game. In order to make your family's life better, you built an indestructible underground fortress, but there are still countless dangers in the dark that threaten your safety.

  • Chinese 8.9
    Strange Life Chapter One

    "Strange Life", created by SE agency and "Forget-me-not" development team DONTNOD Entertainment, is a new narrative adventure game. The picture should look like Dontnod's artistic style, and it is amazing that the work The developer said that every texture in "Strange Life" is hand-painted!

  • Chinese 9.6
    Huacai Section 2: The Kiss of Death

    "Hua Cai Duan 2: The Kiss of Death" is a puzzle adventure game produced by Mad Head Games and released by Bigfish. It is the same as the previous one. The story also happened in a saxophone club, a strange time of death, and the disappeared fiance All this makes you feel very disturbed. What to do if you ca n’t find a fiance wedding?

  • Chinese 9.5
    Little Planet Big Collision

    "Little Planet Big Collision" is a casual puzzle game with rich "Mechanical Lost City" style, known as the second "Mechanical Lost City"

  • Chinese 9.0
    Dark Fable 7: Rapunzel Girl

    The Rapunzel controlled by the Dark Forces sings constantly on the tower. The power of the song fills the nearby towns with poisonous thorns. You need to rescue the villagers surrounded by thorns and let the rescue be controlled by the Dark Forces. Rapunzel, you need to collect 20 beautiful flowers while playing

  • Chinese 8.5
    Small Town Fright

    A group of high school students went on holiday and got lost on the way and accidentally found an abandoned old town. When they entered the town, they found that something evil was hidden here. The protagonist Linda feels that there is a strange and mysterious power inside her. This spiritual power may be the only hope for saving her and her friends from an unknown demon.

  • Chinese 8.5
    Paper border

    "Tengami" is an adventure game produced by the independent development team of Nyamyam. The ancient Japanese-style picture like "God" is very unique. "Tengami" borrows the homonym of "Tekami" in Japanese, which means stationery. The game also borrows this feature. The entire world is composed of a paper structure similar to the pages of a stationery. Players interact with the game world by pulling labels and flipping pages Finally, step by step reveal the secrets hidden behind.

  • Chinese 8.6
    Ghost Hotel 7: Death Penalty

    The death of another hotel, and there are many mysterious events surrounding the eerie hotel. What are the secrets and the truth behind this? Players will set off again as detectives, looking for everything in Ghost Hotel 7: Death Penalty.

  • Chinese 9.5
    World Legend 6: Desolate Heart

    In the previous works of the World Legend series, we have already experienced the wonderful subjects of goddess, demons, and witchcraft. "Heart of Desolation", we will travel to the distant and mysterious east to explore the wonderful creature such as "dragon".

  • Chinese 9.4
    Ruthless Legend: Song of the Black Swan

    "Cold Legend: Song of the Black Swan" tells that a beautiful princess seemed to be in trouble. Black Shadow took away her child and left a necklace of black magic. The king's mother was very angry, revealed the truth, and saved Princess.

  • Chinese 9.3
    True Fear: Abandoned Soul

    "True Fear: Abandoned Soul" is a slightly thrilling puzzle-adventure adventure. The background of the story is a story about a missing event. The entire police station investigating the incident was bleeding, and a pair of mysterious hands turned the body Behind the dark door

  • English 9.4
    Five Nights at Freddy's 2

    "The Five Nights at Freddy's 2" is different from the previous one. The protagonist faces a pile of discarded toy figures. They are very worn out, but the mechanical structure under the holster is normal. They are on a quiet night. The inside moved again. The damaged leather case and the exposed metal skeleton will be more scary than the previous one. This time the protagonist's monitoring room has no door but only pipes to the outside. They will climb into the monitoring room through the pipe!

  • Chinese 9.1
    Corpse Party 2

    In the game "Corpse Party 2", Ito, who was in high school, woke up on the operating table and found himself imprisoned by anesthesia. After struggling, I searched for an escape in a hospital somewhere. In the end what happened? Why are you here? Exploration began in long fear.

  • Chinese 8.8
    Cruel Lie 7: Color of Fear

    Cruel Lie 7: The Color of Fear is the seventh work in the Cruel Lie series, produced by Elephant Games and released by Big Fish Games. The game tells you that your loved ones are resurrected, and you are going to investigate the reason for the strange incident. In this work, the function of dragging the screen is added, and the same scene becomes wider and wider, which makes people shine.

  • Chinese 9.2
    9 Clue 2: Hospital Fright

    A young detective and her partner in "9 Clues: The Hospital Shock" came to a lonely island raged by the rain. There was a lunatic asylum. The island was separated by cold waters. A therapist fell through a window. Shortly after the investigation began, detectives found no one willing to bring up the fire four years ago, which made the detective suspicious.

  • Chinese 8.9
    Late at night

    "One Late Night" is a first-person perspective thriller adventure game. You are a kicked migrant worker, one day working overtime until late at night, preparing to make a cup of coffee, but ushered in some strange events.

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