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Popular strategy wars

  • Chinese 7.3
    Heroes Invincible 6

    The narrative time of the adventure story of "Heroes 6" precedes the plot time of "Heroes 5" for more than 400 years, showing an exciting and epic story of a hero's house, where the angels plot to repeat the unfinished war. The legendary archangel leader was killed in the racial wars of previous lives and reborn with revenge. Under the pretext of preparing for the imminent invasion of the demon, he assembled the people of Ashan in order to eliminate his feud. However, he underestimated the power of the humane Duke of Griffin. The fate of Griffin heroes will be written by players

  • Chinese 6.9
    Heroes Invincible 5: Eastern Tribe

    In Heroes of the Invincible: Oriental Tribes, players will have the opportunity to use the latest Orc. New expansion units in the new expansion include Goblin, Cyclop, and more. New battles, new multiplayer modes will also appear in this new work.

  • Chinese 7.0
    Fire Emblem: Goddess of Dawn

    The number of chapters of "Fire Emblem: Goddess of Dawn" will be greatly increased from the previous NGC's "Fire Emblem; Cang Yan's Track". There are 28 chapters in the previous work, and this chapter will have 44 chapters. The strategically well-known work is even higher than "Cangyan Track" in terms of balance. The level difference system that appeared in the previous work will have a far-reaching impact in addition to affecting the movement and attack range. And classic systems such as weapons, magical sex, and companionship of dead companions cannot be resurrected.

  • Chinese 9.2
    Emperor: Rise of the Dragon

    Impressions's name is a thunderous name for players who like strategy management games. The "Caesar" series they developed keep us fresh, and "Pharaoh" and "Cleopatra" let us enjoy the mysterious glory of ancient Egyptian civilization. Of course, they cannot ignore the only Chinese that continues to this day among the four civilizations, so this "Emperor: The Rise of China" came into being!

  • English8.9
    Middle Ages 2: Total War

    Medieval 2: Total War is positioned in the most turbulent period in European history from 1080 to 1530, and merges the brutal real-time battles that once appeared in a large number of movies, epics and classics into this huge, inspiring Thoughtful strategy game battle.

  • Chinese 8.9
    Heroes of the Three Kingdoms

    "The Book of Heroes of the Three Kingdoms" is a mod created by players in the classic strategy war game Cao Cao Biography. This game is among the best in the Cao Cao Biography MODs. It has rich plots and playability. The game is still constantly updated. The latest The version is April 2015. The game takes Liu Bei as the main character, and Liu Bei as the center. It tells the history of the secession of the heroes in the late Eastern Han Dynasty.

  • Chinese 9.3
    Heroes Invincible: Shadow of Death

    This game contains Shadow of Death. As the third game in the Heroes of the Invincible series, Heroes of the Invincible 3 brings us into a whole new world with its exquisite pictures, gorgeous and varied magic, and more twisty plots. But because of this, it also accompanies me to know how many nightmares nights I have spent.

  • Chinese 8.9
    Civilization 5

    "Civilization 5" is a new series of well-known strategy designer Sid Meier's well-known strategy game series. The game meets players in the fall of 2010! This game was developed by Firaxis Games.

  • Chinese 9.7
    The orcs must die

    Orcs Must Die is a fantasy action strategy game. Players will defend the fortress surrounded by orcs. Players can use a variety of trap settings and weapons to defeat waves of orc legions and their allies.

  • Chinese 8.2
    Shogun 2: Total War

    The game era of "General Shogun 2: Total War" is set in the Japanese Warring States Period in the 16th century. At this time, Japan is controlled by many big names. Various big names constantly fight each other in order to compete for land and Japanese domination. Provides sufficient material for the game. Your task is to play a big name in the Warring States Period, cultivate trust, build an army, and gradually achieve your purpose through diplomacy, economy, assassination and other means-as a condition of victory, you have four purposes: to destroy your hostile family Keep your family alive for seventy years; Occupy forty vassals of Japan; Unify Japan.

  • Chinese 9.2
    Orcs must die 2

    Robot Entertainment, the studio created by the creators of Age of Empires, today officially announced the sequel to its original tower defense game, Orcs Must Die 2. Players will continue to defend the fortress under the siege of the orcs, while adding cooperative competitive elements.

  • Chinese 7.7
    Heroes of Might and Magic 6: Shadow of Darkness

    "Invincible Heroes 6: Shadow of Darkness" is a stand-alone expansion piece of the tactical masterpiece "Magic Heroes 6" released by Ubisoft, completed by Virtuos! In this game, players will have a brand new battle. After going through many difficulties with the dark elven prince Rehlag, when returning to the light, when they are in a difficult situation between the enemy and us, whether they can finally overcome the shadow of darkness will be in the player ’s Hands.

  • Chinese 8.3
    Making History 2: World War

    World War II has always been one of the favorite themes of major game developers. "Making History 2: World War" produced and distributed by Muzzy Lane Software is a strategy war chess game with the theme of World War II. In this work, players It will be possible to choose to control different countries in the 1930s and 1940s, and lead them to seek the path to prosperity in that chaotic era.

  • Chinese 9.0
    Europa Universalis 4

    Europa Universalis 4 is an orthodox sequel to the Europa Universalis series. It is a historical strategy game. Players can enjoy more than 300 years of gameplay on a huge, rich full 3D terrain map.

  • Chinese 8.4
    Shogun general 2: martial arts

    Four hundred years after the Battle of Sekihara, Japan in the 19th century was once again in turmoil. The imperial sects who introduced Western weaponry and the Edo shogunate, which represents the tradition of old warriors, slashed, and the battle was about to begin. The Fall of Samurai came out! !!

  • Chinese 9.4
    Cao Cao Chuan

    Because the protagonist Cao Cao is a completely different character from Liu Bei and Zhuge Liang, the story design of "Cao Cao Biography" is ingeniously linked with the multi-tasking branch-line plot advocated by the majority of players. Loyalty "attribute. In the game, there will often be some options related to the development of the plot for the player to decide, and the two different choices of the player will cause Cao Cao's "hero" index or "hero" index to rise. Until the end of the game, which personality index is more determined to determine the game's ending to different "Traitor Road" or "Hero Road".

  • Chinese 9.2
    Civilization 5: A Beautiful New World

    "Civilization 5: A Beautiful New World" is a strategy war chess simulation game produced by Firaxis Games and published by 2K Games. "Civilization 5" is designed and manufactured by Sid Meier. The game uses a new game engine and introduces the hexagonal grid mechanism. , Using a brand new combat system, deep diplomatic interaction, and various game features, will give players a rich gaming experience.

  • Chinese 8.5
    Defensive formation: Awakening

    "Defense Formation: Awakening" is a tower defense game that veterans and novices alike will love. Developed by Hidden. Enemies are fierce, and you need to build a powerful defense tower to protect your base. Exquisite game scenes, dazzling special effects, dynamic music, easy-to-use operations and extremely high gameplay can be felt in the game.

  • Chinese 8.6
    Sengoku: Total War

    "Sengoku: Total War" is a large historical theme mod made by domestic players. The game is based on "Roman: Total War" and is based on the Three Kingdoms mod.17A version. The work will be based on the Spring and Autumn and Warring States Period.

  • Chinese 9.3
    Battleworm: Reloaded

    "Battle Worms: Reloaded" is the latest work of Team17's classic casual game "Battle Worms" series. The game returns to classic 2D. The high-definition 2D picture will bring new visual enjoyment to the old players.

  • Chinese 9.3
    Don't be brave 3D

    "Don't Be Brave 3D" is the third work in the series, and the selling point of this series is to make players incarnate as saboteurs to mine the maze, and the invading braves will be repelled one after another. This mode allows players to fully enjoy the fun of challenging and repulsing the brave in 3 different mazes.

  • English8.9
    Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty

    "StarCraft 2" is a real-time strategic competitive game, a sequel to the previous "StarCraft"; the game includes three distinct but balanced power races: Protoss, Terran, and Zerg. After various modifications and redesigns Some new arms have been born, and some old classic arms have also added new skills.

  • English8.5
    Civilization 4

    Relatively speaking, the largest map in Civilization IV is slightly smaller than Civilization III, but the information content and content of the map will be much richer. The game has a variety of speeds, the normal mode speed is the same as the previous game, as well as fast and epic game speeds, with faster speed or longer length.

  • Chinese 8.7
    Biography of Guoyue Fei

    Modified by "Jing Zhong Bao Guo Yue Fei Biography" with the help of the game engine of "Three Kingdoms Cao Cao Biography". Modified design from plot planning, character modeling design, levels, terrain, etc. The game fully reproduces the heroic story of a generation of national hero Yue Fei's heroic resistance to gold in the Song and Jin Wars. Most of the plot of the game is faithful to the original story of "Saying Yue Quan Zhuan".

  • Chinese 9.0
    Worker Story 7: Kingdom Road

    The background of the story of "Worker Story 7: The Road to the Kingdom of Gold" took place in the early Renaissance. The greedy lords waged meaningless wars in order to fight for rights and wealth, and even the country was persecuted by the courtiers and perished. In order to save this turbulent kingdom, Princess Roy decided to come forward!

  • Chinese 8.5
    Turret Defense 2

    Turret Defense 2 is a sequel to the turret defense game Turret Defense. The main menu screen of the game is very attractive. Various soldiers and various chariots are presented to you very realistically. There are 4 levels in the game, but each level is very playable, you need to experience Only one hundred batches of enemies can truly pass.

  • Chinese 9.2
    Civilization 5: Gods and Kings

    "Civilization 5: Gods and Kings" is developed by Firaxis Games, the first supplement pack of the strategic masterpiece "Civilization 5" released by 2K Games.

  • Chinese 7.7
    Epoch 1404

    "The Great Sailing Century ANNO 1404" or "Age 1404", in addition to continuing the features of the predecessor, while combining the maritime trade and management construction and the fun of exploring unknown areas, and greatly improving the types of architecture, resources, properties, events, etc., make the appearance of the town more diverse

  • Chinese 7.9
    Heroes of Might and Magic 7

    "Heroes of Might and Magic 7" is a turn-based strategy game that combines magic elements and a strategy game experience, and is developed with RPG and an excellent backstory. The new work will provide a richer world for players to explore and conquer, and a more complex economic system to master, more legendary monsters to face.

  • Chinese 8.8
    Heroes Invincible 6

    The narrative time of the adventure story of "Heroes of Might and Magic 6" precedes the plot time of "Heroes of Heroes 5" for more than 400 years, showing an exciting and epic story of a hero's house, where the angels plot to repeat the unfinished war. The legendary archangel leader was killed in the racial wars of previous lives and reborn with revenge. Under the pretext of preparing for the imminent invasion of the demon, he assembled the people of Ashan in order to eliminate his feud. However, he underestimated the power of the humane Duke of Griffin.

  • Chinese 8.9
    Final Fantasy Strategy: Lion War

    "Final Fantasy Strategy Edition: Lion War" is a replica of the original Final Fantasy Strategy Edition, 10 years apart from the FFT on the original PS. In addition to the significant improvement in picture quality, a large number of new cgs, new plots, new characters and new professions have been added to the original work. It can be said that this is a work that new and old fans of FFT are all looking forward to.

  • Chinese 7.8
    Daming Heroes

    There are many MODs of Cao Cao, most of them are from the Three Kingdoms or historical themes, and "The Great Heroes of the Ming Dynasty" is relatively new and belongs to overhead MODs. The plot of the game is all original, and similar to the original, there are also 2 line settings. New gameplay methods have been added to the game, such as the meritorious system, killing, etc., and some details also show that the author is very attentive.

  • Chinese 9.4
    The Third Super Robot War α: The Ending Galaxy

    "The Third Super Robot Wars Alpha: The End of the Galaxy" is the first series of "machine warfare alpha" series launched on PS2 for the first time, and it is also the end of the "machine warfare alpha" series. This generation will inherit the plots of the previous two generations, and inherit the "Team System" of the 4 aircraft and 1 team that the first generation joined for the first time. The battle screen is more gorgeous than "α2" and "MX". The response when attacked will depend on whether Destroyed with different actions, close-ups of the body or character during the attack are also more vivid than previous works, and invited famous people in the industry including Da Zhang Zhengji and Jin Jinyi Ma to do screen drawing and setting work.

  • Chinese 8.7
    Rome 2: Emperor's Edition of Total War

    Sega has recently released the Emperor Edition of "Roman 2: Total War", which adds some new content to the original version and improves some features. This version includes all the free content previously released, and of course a brand new battle expansion pack-Augustus the Great. Developer Creative Assembly states that the "Augustus Emperor" expansion pack has added hundreds of hours of game time through the new map. The background is mainly set during the last three-headed alliance war, which will witness Octavian and Mark Anthony. Plot with Rebida for the Roman ruler. Players can fight in Roman or non-Roman factions, and the game also introduced the Armenian camp for the first time. The new version also has an improved political system, a reorganized building chain system, and a balanced combat system. Of course, the display effect in battle has also been improved.

  • Chinese 7.6
    Europa Universalis 3

    The "Europa Legends" series are historical strategy games released by Paradox Interactive Games. Players have been very impressed from the beginning of the original work. Here we can take a look at the details of the latest sequel, Europa Universalis 3.

  • Chinese 9.0
    Chen Mu Three Kingdoms

    Chen Mu Three Kingdoms is a modified version of Three Kingdoms Heroes 2 Chen Mu. The game is modified based on the portrait of Three Kingdoms 10, and the game script has been slightly adjusted. Some female generals have been added!

  • Chinese 8.6
    Magic: The Travelling Mage Showdown 2015

    "Magic: Mage Tournament 2015" will be centered on the mysterious universe world, and players will pass the challenge with the goal of challenging the deadly hunter Garruk Wildspeaker to the final magic quarry. The official said that this game will push the series to a new height, which will allow players to experience unprecedented fun, add card customization and creation functions, better quality download content and supplement packs, more powerful console, let Players and opponents have a more fierce confrontation, and finally, a powerful Garruk Wildspeaker is waiting for the player.

  • Chinese 6.7
    Journey to the West

    "Journey to the West" is a MOD game adapted from the Three Kingdoms Heroes 2.

  • Chinese 9.3
    Second Super Robot War Z: The Second Life

    psp "Second Super Robot War Z Reborn" is the next enhanced version of "Second Super Robot War Z Breaking the World". Compared with the previous content, more bodies and pilots have been added to make the entire model. The content of the game is more abundant.

  • Chinese 8.8
    Biography of the Three Kingdoms

    "The Legend of Heroes of the Three Kingdoms" is a game made by players based on the previous part of the original "The Legend of Heroes of the New Three Kingdoms". It has a total of 3 levels and 94 levels and is a high-quality Cao Cao biography mod game. Compared with the Biography of the Heroes of the New Three Kingdoms, in addition to the differences in the first 53 levels of the level and the new levels independently produced by the author after the 41 levels, the treasure data, effects, and the level of association with the characters have been modified, usually In the sense, it is considered a game more suitable for general players.

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