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Creating a new series of "Total War: Three Kingdoms" seems to have driven the reversal of history

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This year's "Comprehensive War" series under CA Studios has ushered in unprecedented brilliance. With the blessings of the three kingdoms, it ranked among the most recently released "Top 100 Best-selling Games in Steam 2019," and the number of concurrent online users exceeded 100,000. This is a new height of the Total War series as a hard-core niche strategy game that was once impossible to reach.


However, the popularity is on the one hand, and the game content has been repeatedly criticized during the hot time. Although the game has a grand battlefield, excellent dubbing, and its quality is hard enough, it seems that it is not qualified as a Three Kingdoms game. First of all, the life of the generals in the game is that they may die naturally at any time at a certain age, which leads to the embarrassing situation in the game where only the generals of the generals are left. In addition, the script of the game began in 190, except for the generals who were active during this period, only a small number of late generals of the Three Kingdoms joined. Coupled with the ugly standing painting and modeling, the whole game is a bit less flavorful.


The cause of the fire in "Total War: Three Kingdoms" is without him. In fact, it is largely because players want to experience a truly large Three Kingdoms battlefield. Although Glorious has always launched the "Three Kingdoms" series, but this series of description of the battlefield and "Comprehensive War" is another cloud mud. Therefore, a "Total War" game with the theme of the Three Kingdoms has made players addicted to it for a long time, and it is now in its current situation.


Although the "Three Kingdoms" did push the "Total War" series to a new height, if you want to talk about the quality of the game itself, "The Three Kingdoms" may be less optimistic than its predecessors. Looking back at the previous series, starting with "General Shogunate" and then "Attila", this series has always adopted historical themes, no matter which one is based on square matrix and morale.


The entire series is almost historical

The rhythm of the battlefield in the "Total War" series is relatively true. The two teams will always have a long stalemate during the battle. At this time, players can also choose to hit the back or the wings to quickly kill the enemy's popularity. After the main tone of the game is formed, the most substantial difference between each work is the military data and a more subject-oriented system. "Three Kingdoms" errors in game quality are at the "system" level.


Throughout the game, it often gives the feeling of "if you adjust it a little bit here", there is nothing wrong with the whole, but the problems in details are endless, resulting in the later the player becomes more uncomfortable, but the theme is strong Let players continue to enter the pit. This phenomenon is a little awkward for Total War: The Three Kingdoms.


Throughout the entire series, the only breakthrough work that caused qualitative change with quantitative change was Warhammer: Total War, a magical worldview. This is the only time in the series that has abandoned historical themes and used "Medieval Warhammer" as the world view, bringing about a war full of swords and magic. Although there are two works before and after, in fact, the second generation is more like the large-scale DLC of the first generation. To even play the entire content of the second generation, the player must have the first generation of the ontology and the second generation of the ontology and all the two generations of DLC, sold in the country. The price is even as high as about 1,000 yuan.


Maybe this price is a bit more expensive for a game, or it may be uncomfortable for the old fans of "Total War" to leave the historical theme. However, aside from the high price and the audience of the subject matter, the quality of "Total Warfare: Warhammer 2" is definitely the undisputed pinnacle of the entire series, which is precisely due to the magic theme that has been set for nothing.


For the Warhammer series, it has an advantage that no other Total War game has-race. High Elves, Dark Elves, Tomb Kings, Vampires, Skavens, Lizards, Dwarfs, Bartos Kingdom, Empire, Wood Elves, Chaos, Snowka, Beast, Greenskin, different races have distinct Different gameplay and units allow players to always experience freshness in this game.


In contrast, CA did not choose to use a certain system suitable for the era this time, but based on the characteristics of each race, gave them a unique set of mechanisms. The high elves who like to play political conspiracy, the dark elves who like to kill, the Skaven rat people living underground in the city, and the strongest green skin people as long as Waaagh is gone. In this already perfect world view of magic, every one Races have their own way of life, and each race is a new mechanism. This experience is unique in the entire series.


In addition, because the world view is completely magical, CA has also recklessly added these huge units and hero units. The entire battlefield structure has also changed from the original rifle, gun, and horse restraint cycle to a more complex restraint relationship. There are even some strange units full of science and technology such as the Ratling Army. Even because it was too classic, in the later "Total War: Three Kingdoms", the company's crossbowmen also got a joke called "Shutelin".


It is precisely because there are many different races and arms that make Warhammer completely different from other works in the Total War series. It can be seen that the CA's mind has been restricted for so long by the historical theme in such a magical theme game. However, after several years of incubation, what they came up with again was the somewhat embarrassing work of the Three Kingdoms. Especially for players who have been chasing "Warhammer 2" along the way, you can see that "The Three Kingdoms" has made some progress, but on the contrary, it has a severe discount on playability.

But this is a game that has made CA gain far more than any other game in the series. I have to say that this is the return that the entire series should deserve after decades of precipitation. Obviously.

    Three Kingdoms: Total War

    Three Kingdoms: Total War

    • Game category: Real-time strategy
    • Game platform: / PC /
    • Developer: Creative Assembly
    • Publisher: SEGA
    • Release time: May 23, 2019
    Game introduction: "Total War: Three Kingdoms" is a large historical strategy game, a new series of "Total War" series, produced by Creative Assembly and released by SEGA.

    The background of the story is set in 190 AD (the first year of Emperor Xian of the Han Dynasty)-China is in a real chaos. In the Eastern Han Dynasty, the Lord Shaoguo was doubtful and fragmented. The cowardly offering of the emperor was nothing more than a puppet in the hands of warlord Dong Zhuo. This man's rule was brutal and violent. As Dong Zhuo's power grew, the community stepped to the endless hell. However, hope is booming.

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