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How does Miracle Warm Volume II3-2 Forest Night match? Forest night high score S detailed explanation

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Miracle Warmth 3.6.0

Miracle Warmth 3.6.0 v3.6.0

Game type: puzzle leisure

Game language: Simplified Chinese

Dress up to develop Tanabata similar to Yun Sang Yu Yi

Size: 391.08MB

Updated: 2017-07-18

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Miracle Warm Volume II3-2 How did the forest night go by? At present, the new episode of Chapter 2 Chapter 3 of the game is launched on April 4. Forest Night is the second level match! Players can get certain costume rewards as long as they get the S clearance. The following are the matching recommendations brought by Xiaobian. Let's take a look!

Miracle Warm Warm Volume II Chapter II Adventure in the Moon Night Full Level High Scores S Raiders Summary
Volume 2 3-1 Volume 2 3-2 Volume 2 3-3 Volume II 3-4 Volume II 3-5
Volume 2 3-6 Volume 2 3-7 Volume II 3-Branch 1 Volume II 3-Branch 2 Volume 2 3-branch 3
Miracle Warm Volume II Chapter III Starlight Reflection Summary Strategy: Click to enter

Attribute: Gorgeous, pure, lively, warm and lovely

NPC Skills: Smiling and Picky Sleeping Cinderella

tag: Winter clothing national style

Recommended match:

[Hairstyle] Youth Idol · Gorgeous (Jin 15171)> Cat Girl P Gift Pack 4995)> Rare Cheesecake (Jin 14940)> Awaken the Sunshine (No Path 14673)> Bell Tone Smile (No Path 14601)> Wheat Ears · Gorgeous (into 14582)

[Dress] Northland Spring Voice

[Jacket] Echoes of the mountains

[Socks] Starry Night Dreams (Gift in Dream 8801)> Mori Socks (Shop | 7724)

[Socks] Warm Maple Sugar (Shop / Mi Ge / Magic Court 9900)> Warm Tangshui (Shop / Mi Ge / Magic Court 9764)> Christmas Cocoa (Shop Mi Ge / Magic Court 9580)> Snow Night Moonlight (Liuguang Garden 9510) > Snowflake knitted socks (Figure 9174)

[Shoes] Fantasy of the Heart (Liuguang Garden 13912)> Lunar Moon Velvet Boots (Figure 12489 >> Mori Snow Boots (Shop 12078)

[Makeup look] Hantan Lingtong (sky full of stars 2917)> Daydream (gift in dream 2859)> Earl of Cats (shop 2720)> Tong Meow pupil (Mi Ge / Magic Court / Fukubukuro 2703)> Helpless bitter smile (Streamer Garden Gift Package 2699)> Mutely Laughing (Liuguang Garden 2673)> Peach Heart Coffee (Shop 2654)

[The Spirit of Fluorescence] Rabbit and Wonderland (Fluorescent Spirit 4855) >> Rabbit and Secret (Fluorescent Spirit 4418)> Raspberry Mousse (Fluorescent Spirit 4216)> Lingxi Magic Deer (Fluorescent Spirit) (Spirit 168)

Jewelry recommendation:

[Hair Accessories] Wind rises and leaves fall (Liuguang Garden Gift Bag 3424)> Warm Sunlight (Liuguang Garden 3329)> Purple Hat (Mi Ge Fantasy Pavilion 3112) >> Indigo Velvet Hat (Mi Pavilion 2865)> Brown Earmuffs (Mi Court 2773)> Spring in the Snow Valley (Figure 2740)> Penguin Hat (Shop / Mi Court 2737)

[Veil] Red Cloak · Rare (Jin 2228)> Red Maple Satin · Gorgeous (Jin / Mi Ge Pagoda 2153)> Mint Fleece Hat (Shop 2110)> Vintage Cap (Picture / Bell Tower Mirage 2094)

[Issue] Gentle Edelweiss (Figure 2435)> Looking for the future (Gift 2338 in the dream)> Looking for in the dream (No way 2330)> Pious Devotion (Holy Night 2225)> Colorful issuing

[Ears] Mechanical Angel (Shop 1702)> Horn of Taurus (no route 1358)> Capricorn horn (No route 1287)> Horn of the cloud (Qianlongzaiyuan 197)> Mengshi lion ear (No route 1057 )> Dark Brown Wolf Ears (Vol. 1 Chapter 1-Branch 1 Princess 763)

[Earrings] The Wish of the Eve (Ocean 2350)> Still Heartbeat (Figure 2201)> Jinger Ringing Bell (No Path 2158)> Dengrui (Shop 2141)

[Scarf] Winter Encounter (Liuguang Garden Gift Package 3415)> Natural Gifts (Shop Fan Pavilion / Magic Pavilion 3192)> Snowflake Coco Fan Pavilion Magic Pavilion 3091)> Tribal Scarf (Contest Store 2761)> Winter Scarf (Figure 2339) >> Plush monkey hat (shop 2150)

[Necklace] Gentle Bow Tie (Miscellaneous 2408)> Sweet Necklace (Day & Night Gallery 2365)> Sweet Necklace · Blue (Miscellaneous 2355)> Sweet Necklace · Fei (Dye 2353)> Rabbit Love Poetry (Shop 2215)> Colorful Bow Tie (Figure 2214)> Si Jungui (Union Commissioned 2179)

[Right-hand decoration] Ribbon streamer (day and night corridor 2390)> Ribbon streamer · Concubine (dye 2341)> Ribbon streamer · Blue (dye 2339)> Knot rope note (Figure 2195)> Anonymous invitation (shop 1822)> Doll wrist flower Shop / Light Sweet Adventure 1790)> Double Horsetail Memorial (Shop 1741)> Ace's Greeting Card (Shop 1696)

[Left hand decoration] Pen of God's coming (Cloud top scene 2034)> Jie Jieyun's dessert (shop 689)> Doll ribbon (shop / light sweet adventure 1599)> Slang and fate (shop 1552)> Laurel bracelet (shop 1510)

[Gloves] Purple Purple Gloves (Mi Ge / Magic Court 3396)> Moon Gloves (Figure 3053)

[Right Hand] Taoxin Pouch (Shop / Mi Ge / Magic Court 2465)

[Left Handed] Wow's Basket (Shop 2432)> Lingxi Mobile Phone (Sparkling Garden Gift Package 2192)> Warm Ocean (Gift in Dream 2184) >> Jin Ruifu Lamp (Figure 2160)> Solid Wood Palette (Figure 2137)

[Waist] Blessing Horn (Holy Night 2337)> Sweet Cheese (Monthly Sign In Reward 1835

[Face decoration] Fireplace messenger (no way 2093)> Incident (Shop | 1809)> Heart-shaped sugar paper (Picture / Colorful Summer 785) > Sleepy Worm (Gift in Dream 1741)> Shining Summer (Shop Colorful Xia 1674)> Polestar Glasses (Liuguang Garden 1578)> Sharp sight (Allied commission 1557)

[Breastpiece] Wasteland Shoulder Bag (Figure 2673)> Evergreen Snowman (No way 2234)> Stagnant Morning Bell (Shop 2150)> Mr. Ling Bingren (Dye 2062)> Observation in the Dark (Figure 2051)> Wine Heart Candy (Dye 2008) > Qingzaoqu (Selection Tournament Store 2004)> Miss Lingbingren (Shop 1996)> Minghou Bag (Monthly Registration Award 1949)

[Tattoo] Little Freckles (Figure 1801)> Red Cheeks Figure 1648> Watching Stars (Figure 1588)> A Kiss of Love (No Path 485)> Faith in Green (Dye 380)> Cute Bear Eye Mask (Login Send | 336)

[Wings] Eternal Power Map Clock Tower Phantom 2160) "Fantasy Fantasy (Figure 1744)> Blue Sky Caution (Figure 1599)> Wings of Dawn (Black and White 1548 in Dreamland)> Wheel of Ice (Court of Time 1290)> Broken Wings (No way 922)> Wings of Liuli (Blood Moon Begins 817)> Wings of Little Devil (Picture 632)

[Tail] Shirayuki Golden Bell (Holy Night 2360)> Jinfu Monkey Tail (Shop 2180)> Lingrui Monkey Tail (Shop 2151)

[Foreground] Dream Thief (No way 2393)> Pure white age (No way 2275)> Dancing Youth (Shop (Year sign 2206))> One Night Fish Dragon Dance (Lantern Festival Gift Pack 2153)> Liuyun Xiangrui (Mantian Fan Xing 2049)> Pairy Twins · Fantasy (Dye 2044)> Frosty Tiger (Picture 2007)> Phoenix Nirvana (Cloud Top Scenery 1869)> Fan Deng Ru Day (Shop 1847)

[Back view] Nightmare Clinic (Figure 2163)> Lingtu Linglong (Starry Sky | 2160)> Fortune Hengtong (No way 2118)> Holy Night Fireplace (Figure 2114)> Candle-cutting window (New Year sign 1846)

[Crest] Colorful Dreamland (No way 2120)> May Rose (Condensation 1528)> Time Travel (No way 792)> Coffin of the Holy (Picture 630)> Star Wheel of Foresight (Ningsha 237)

[Ground] Special small card (the Lantern Festival gift package won 2033)> Peony solution (Yunding Grand View 2026)> Fortune is rolling (Yunding Grand View 2011 >> The bridge meets (Figure 1699)

[Skin] Passionate Sunshine (Log in to send 466)> Passionate Melody (No way (394)> Skate Girl (No way 250)

The above is a detailed explanation of the Miracle Warm Volume II3-2 Forest Night High Scores S Clearance Strategy. I hope it will be helpful to your friends. More up-to-date and fastest information is on You! Xiao Bian will offer it as soon as possible!

Disclaimer: This article is included in the game download for the purpose of conveying information, and it does not mean that the game download agrees with its point of view or confirms its description. If the infringement please inform us by letter, we will deal with it in time.
Miracle warm

Miracle warm

Special introduction:

The game download Miracle Warm Zone, which provides Miracle Warm Download, Miracle Warm with Raiders, Gift Packs, etc. "Miracle Warm" is a warm series after "Warm Dress Up Story" and "Warm Warm Around the World" Third generation works.

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