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The DNF mobile game is about to go online, why does the old IP still have strong vitality?

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Dungeon and Warrior M

Dungeon and Warrior Mv0.7.3.11

Game Type: Action Breakthrough

Game language: Simplified Chinese

Tencent's horizontal version of the action through the blood

Size: 1.35GB

Updated: 2019-01-30

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The DNF mobile game, "Dungeon and Warrior M", has attracted the attention of many players when it started testing last year, and the quality of a picture is even 2D cartoon style, jagged everywhere has been ten years old. Why does the game still have good vitality after being ported to the mobile phone?

Game feelings of a generation

In the era of the rapid development of the game industry from 2005 to 2008, the most popular games that many people have come into contact with may be stand-alone CS, Red Police, Interstellar, and other old games from the last century. In terms of online games, the most popular games at this moment are just the Adventure Island and World of Warcraft games, and World of Warcraft still has some card restrictions. Real phenomenal online games have not yet appeared.

However, after Tencent introduced two online games, relying on the huge number of QQ users, it has completely changed the domestic online game market. "Cross Fire" dominates the domestic FPS online game market, and "Dungeon and Warriors" (DNF) also eats most of the RPG online games cake.

Although from the current point of view, these two games do not have much advantage, it can even be said that there are considerable disadvantages. However, for the post-90s generation, most people had contacted these two online games in their young age. In the desert days when the games were scarce, these two games became a clear spring for many players at the time. With the support of the number of QQ users, the player base of these two games is naturally very large, and the most important thing domestic players have for the game is love.

When the post-90s generation gradually moved to social work and had no time to take care of computer-side games, a familiar game was transplanted to the mobile phone side, and it was naturally preferred by people's subconscious. This is why the DNF mobile game had little promotion in the early stage One of the reasons is still hot.

Brainwashing bombers

The opening of the live broadcast era has also added powerful drainage methods to many games. A big anchor only needs to take a few minutes to try a new game during live broadcast, and can bring a good amount of exposure to the game with a large audience base.

At present, among the most popular live broadcast platforms in China, Douyu live broadcast, among which the most popular live broadcasters and even the most popular anchors are Xu Xu Babies who always use DNF as the main live broadcast content.

Relying on the spread of the live broadcast platform, the old IP of DNF still has good vitality, and the player base is still maintained at a huge base, so when the DNF mobile game is launched, the vitality of the old IP will also save the DNF mobile game. Got a lot of announcement troubles.

Gain the hearts of players

Although DNF has a lot of blame, there are even many strange changes that have annoyed players. However, DNF players are quite united. Whether it is 10,000 people leaving or planning to play DNF in a suit, it has added a lot of heat to the game.

With such a large number of long-lasting players, DNF mobile games only need to think more about the players, and naturally they will harvest a large number of loyal players with low consumption capabilities.

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