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King Glory's inscription recommendation on single overlord crazy iron outfits and pre-mid-late use skills

来源:王者荣耀官网 编辑:阿狸桃子 2019-03-04 15:36:22 Source: King Glory Official Website Editor: A Tan peach comment

In the glory of the King, Hua Mulan and Kao Huang have always been the popular singles. However, after the rampant iron has been strengthened in the new season, they have become the new top singles. To play this hero well, in addition to choosing outfits and inscriptions , The use of skills in different periods is also critical, the following editors bring you the glory of the king on the single overlord crazy iron outfit recommendations and pre-mid-late use skills, let's take a look!

Crazy iron

He is a hero that has just been strengthened recently. To say that the rate of Mad Iron ’s appearance is very low, it increased by 2% to reach 3.5%. The probability of this appearance is really too low. No one likes playing this hero too much. Not strong, but you may not know, his winning percentage has reached 47.9%, exceeding Mulan.

Skill introduction:

The passive skill "Fearless Chariot", when the mad iron strikes, there will be a current, which can charge the weapon. Once the hero is hit, it will restore 5 energy values. Greater than 30 ability can strengthen the attack effect. Therefore, he is a hero of continuous fighting, and it is necessary to reasonably arrange the use of his skills.

A skill "Broken Blade", wielding the weapon twice, after hitting the hero, it can cause damage and heal itself. If you miss one time, you can restore 2% + 30/36/42/48/54/60 health. The characteristics of this skill are very obvious. Even if you attack with your backhand, it doesn't matter. The more heroes, the more soldier lines, and the more mad iron heals.

The second skill, "Strike Storm", charges in one direction, hitting the hero can have a 75% physical bonus, and then the basic attack will be strengthened, with a 100% physical bonus and a 50% slowdown effect, which can last for two seconds. Zhong, this time is enough for the iron second person, so his sneak attack effect is very good, the stun ability of 1 second, so that many crispy skin can not escape the fate of being cut.

The big move is "power field suppression", smashing the weapon in his hand to the ground, and the current spreads to the surroundings. The surrounding heroes will cause a slowdown of 50% for 1.5 seconds. They can also add a strong shield to themselves. In 6 seconds, this is the same as the armor's big move. After being opened, the crazy iron enters a state of no solution, and it can absorb blood and strengthen physical damage.

Recommended equipment: Resistance shoes, axe, anti-armor, eye of the undead bird, broken army and ominous signs.

Recommended inscription: 10 hunting + 10 hawk eye + 10 mutation, hunting can increase attack speed by 1% and movement speed by 1%, mutation increases 2 physical attack and 3.6 physical penetration, and eagle eye increases 6.4 physical penetration and 0.9 physical attack.

The use of crazy iron:

Early time

When learning skills, the master has 1 pair of skills. The skills can be cut, flashed or stunned, depending on his use habits. The mad iron's ability to line up is very strong, but his hands are too short, which is also not very popular. The reason is that if it is easy to match with the soldiers and match with the shooters, it is really difficult to fight, so try to maintain development and be able to smoothly rise to the fourth level. Crazy Iron's ability to cut people is stronger than many fighters, because his second skills are similar to flashes, with the effect of displacement, so when fighting a group, directly rush to the front shooter or output, and directly take down the opponent's head.

In the middle

Crazy Iron should not just be on the line when ordering, because his ability to cut people is very strong, so look at the position of teammates to make judgments, actively participate in team battles, directly go around and hit people, a move fatal.


The mad iron can be beaten at any time. His rigidity is much stronger than that of Mulan. The ability to return blood is the basis of his confusion. Many tactics can be played. No matter how you fight, just remember a little bit, just go into the fight, the formula is 132aa, and immediately drop the crispy skin.

This crazy iron is too unsolvable, but the editor reminds you that his attack distance is shorter and the skill reserve time is longer, but after the enhancement, the big move will be updated once every 7 seconds. The disadvantage is not worth mentioning and the hand is short The problem is covered up, so friends can rest assured!

The above are the recommended inscriptions and pre-mid-late use tips for the single king overlord ’s mad iron outfit for today ’s King Glory, I hope to help everyone!

Disclaimer: You published this article for the purpose of transmitting information. It does not mean that You agrees with its opinion or confirms its description. If you infringe, please write to us and let us know.
King of Glory

King of Glory

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