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Yin Yang Shi Haiguo retreat gameplay skills and lineup recommended

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Game Type: Card Battle

Game language: Simplified Chinese

Japanese Card Tanabata Yin-Yang Division Turn System

Size: 1.32GB

Updated: 2019-01-18

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The retreat of the yin and yang division is a traditional game of ghost kings in the game. During the game, many friends did not know how the new version matches the lineup and the imperial soul. The following is the relevant God configuration and sharing strategy with the soul.

The retreat of the kingdom of the sea is the traditional game of the super-ghost king. You can find the leaders of the kingdom of sea through searching, exploring, guarding the soul, and awakening. Defeating these leaders of the kingdom of sea can get demons, merit and points. The Ghost King is divided into 1 to 6 stars of different difficulty. The higher the star, the higher the difficulty, the longer the allowed challenge time, and the better the reward after the victory.

Among them, the demon spirit can enhance the attack and defense of the corresponding god, and the combat power points are used to redeem rewards in the store.

Super Ghost King appears in the form of BOSS + 5 mobs, each boss has a different mob lineup. In the Sea Country Retreat game, damage to mobs is also considered effective; Ghost Kings of 4 stars and above will have special leader skills. Skills can be viewed in the Ghost King interface under the name of the leader skills, here is a list of the more difficult leader skills and solutions.

所有小怪血量不会低于1点。 Deathmatch: All mobs have no less than 1 HP. The most infamous leader skill, the mob is locked in blood, and can only kill the mob locked with the damage of the star meteor buckle or the monk, mirror Ji counter injury.

降低单次收到伤害上限,非常克制茨木书翁的单段爆发队伍,适合用双吞输出。 Feather Barrier: Reduce the upper limit of the damage that can be received at a single time. It is very restrained for the single-stage burst team of Ibaraki Shun. It is suitable for double swallow output.

消耗鬼火的技能释放完后额外消耗鬼火,会极大提高我方鬼火压力,打断输出节奏,建议带个灯姐赌被动。 Doom: The extra consumption of ghost fire after the release of the skills that consume ghost fire will greatly increase the pressure of our ghost fire and interrupt the output rhythm. It is recommended to bring a lantern sister to bet passively.

若敌方目标连续施放同一技能,鬼火依次递增一点。 Jealous Fire: If the enemy target casts the same skill continuously, the ghost fire will increase one by one. The same skills as the true eight-kids snake, you need to manually switch the magic in battle to avoid a misfire, which will affect the output efficiency but not as disgusting as doom.

开局召唤一个能承受若干次攻击的达摩,达摩普攻还有扣火冰冻推条等其他效果。 Dharma: At the beginning, summon a Dharma that can withstand several attacks. The Dharma attack also has other effects such as deferring fire and freezing. Dharma has greatly affected the performance of the ugly girl, and it is recommended to use multiple paragraphs to tear it down.

敌方单位回合后有概率以普通攻击反击。 Ambush: An enemy unit has a chance to counterattack with a normal attack after the turn. The ability to delay time affects the rhythm of the output, and is stabbed to death with a healing method.

每损失一定生命,提升大量伤害。 Backwater: For every loss of life, increase a lot of damage. The damage bonus skills are not strong, but the 6x Ghost King takes the backwater and hangs on when the blood is left ... For example: Xiaotiangu, it is recommended to bring milk to the ground to solve.

The Raiders Super Ghost King is divided into two stages, group and single. First, you must use the high AOE output lineup to clean up the mobs, and then use the body output lineup to kill the BOSS.

The demon spirit is a new system that was launched during the period of the Hachi-Ki Super Ghost King. Initially, the attack and defense value of my way god will be deducted. Collecting the corresponding demon spirits can increase the level of the demon god. With the increase of the level, it eventually becomes an auxiliary system that strengthens the fighting power of my way god.

Corresponding monsters can be obtained by causing damage of more than 10% of the total health in the battle of the leader of the sea country. You can also buy refreshing monsters under the category of monsters on the store reward page. When the demon spirits reach the full level, the demon spirits overflowing will be converted into special "sea country demon spirits". The sea country demon spirits have a bonus effect on all deities, which can improve the offense and defense of all deities.

The demon spirit can now take effect on both the "Conquest" and "Retreat" modes. The sea country demon spirit bonus, the body demon spirit bonus and the special attack bonus can be superimposed. So now in the preparation phase, you can see that there are up to three lines of gain on the head of the god, and the combat power is very good.

Divine Configuration

Group attack group:

在超鬼王中名扬天下、号称天天都是特攻的那个男人。 Two-faced Buddha: The man who is famous in the Super Ghost King and claims to be a special attack every day. Comes with a small break defense and Qing Ji to better match the flavor, small push-pull effect to speed up the frequency of shots, Fengshen as an indirect damage, enjoy Qing Ji passive and big move double-break defense bonus. The front-breaking defense allows subsequent output to cause more damage. The two-faced Buddha in the Super Ghost King weighs more than Tengu, and can be a Buddha as much as possible. I am compassionate.

Royal soul choice: Needle girl, attack + attack + crit damage, 2 sets of wild skeletons as much as possible, if you want to pile up more than 200 skeletons, you don't need to hurt the needle girl. In the case of Kiyohime's soilless spider, he usually chooses to lose part of the Buddha's damage to bring the soil spider.

依然是回合内最强针女AOE输出,拥有4段击+自身被动增加攻击爆伤,在小怪多的场合都能打出爆炸伤害。 Big Tengu: It is still the strongest female AOE output in the round. It has 4 hits + passive passive increase of attack and explosion damage, and it can deal explosion damage in many occasions. And Tengu has one advantage over Buddha: Tengu special attack on Japan can double dogs do not go to Buddha, and two special Buddhas on fire will explode. So usually the dog-foal lineup can be changed to double dogs, but it is not recommended to change double Buddhas.

Soul selection: Needle girl, attack + attack + crit damage. It doesn't matter if there is no blast injury to the needle woman, then the needle woman 4 piece set + wild skull 2 piece set is also a very good choice. Since Dharma in this Super Ghost King is aimed at the ugly woman, a multi-segment god is necessary.

以间接伤害为卖点的AOE输出式神,同有小拉条效果的团队贡献。 Face Aura: AOE output god with indirect damage as the selling point, and the team with the effect of small pull bar contribution. Because it is indirect damage, you can ignore the strange effect of the imperial soul. The classic combination of Kiyoshi + Buddha makes the face aura quickly rise up, which is enough to replace Big Tengu as the second output position.

Qingji Passive 300 has a defense. The poisoned Red Skull effect will break the defense poisoning level x10 when the damage is resolved. After multiple defenses, the enemy ’s defense is ignored as 0. At this moment, the damage of the two Fengshen gods can explode, and the aura can also Stable critical strike.

Royal Soul Choice: 3 15% attack suits, attack attack bruises, work towards 300 attacks with 10 bruises!

支配了超鬼王小怪阶段的冰雪女皇,真正的雪女。 Kiyohime: The Snow Queen, the real Snow Queen who dominated the Super Ghost King mobs stage. Royal soul configuration recommends Snow Ghost + Earth Spider, Quick Life or 6th position for other better secondary soul attributes. 5x Qingji must bring life, 6x Qingji can not take it. If the two-piece suit cannot make an unearthed spider, you must use an AOE output position with a needle female dirt spider. Earth spiders can both increase damage and reduce mobs' speed and local rounds.

Soul selection: 180 speed (the best is above 184), 80-100 hits (the more the better)

同时具备输出和治疗功能的优秀式神,可惜输出比不上佛面狗,是双输出之外的补位辅助式神。 Square, the main sea: along with excellent output and treatment of functional type of God, but not as output Buddha's dog, is to fill the seats assisted God than double output. It is mainly suitable for the occasions where you want to have a big breast and feel that it is not necessary to get a big breast. Unfortunately, the value of the 6x Haifang owners is not very large, and it is not suitable for everyone.

Royal Soul Choice: Attack attack critical strike or critically hurt needlewoman.

:福山润两兄弟同为热身buff类型的单体输出, buff叠的快又稳定。 Ibaraki and Lu Sheng : The two brothers of Fukuyama Jun are the same type of warm-up buff single output. The buffs stack fast and stable. Lusheng 4 rounds, Ibaraki 3 rounds, can reach the limit output with full buff, which is more reliable than a calm and do not drink. More suitable for use in the book Weng Ugly women's team.

Royal Soul Choice: Breakout 4 piece set, attribute attack attack crit damage.

特攻日以外不太推荐使用的AOE,4火太难持续供给了,特别是在上双炼茨的时候……炼茨特攻日可以考虑双炼茨+辉夜姬+追月神的双打火机配置。 Purgatory Ibaraki: AOE is not recommended outside Special Attack Days, 4 fires are too difficult to continue to supply, especially when Shuang Lianci is on ... You can consider Shuang Lianci + Hui Yeji + Chasing the Moon God on Lianz Special Attack Day Dual lighter configuration.

Choice of Imperial Soul: Breaking the power or mind, attribute attack attack crit damage.

大天狗与佛的下位互换,同样是针女AOE输出,鸟姐现在对比佛狗略有不足。 Capture the bird: The big Tengu and the Buddha's lower position are interchanged, and the AOE is also exported by the female needle. The bird sister is now slightly inferior to the Buddha. However, Sister Bird has the advantage of cooperative warfare. If there is not enough style training, you can't make up so many styles. You can also use Sister Bird ~

Royal Soul Choice: Needle Girl attack attack bruise.

Unit group:

福山润两兄弟同为热身buff类型的单体输出, buff叠的快又稳定。 Ibaraki and Lu Sheng: The two brothers of Fukuyama Jun are the same type of warm-up buff single output. The buffs stack fast and stable. Lusheng 4 rounds, Ibaraki 3 rounds, can reach the limit output with full buff, which is more reliable than a calm and do not drink. More suitable for use in the book Weng Ugly women's team.

Royal soul choice: attack attack crit damage break.

伤害并不逊色茨木陆生,而且攻击不耗鬼火,在鬼火压制型超鬼王中能发挥出比茨木更好的表现。 Swallow swallow: The damage is not inferior to Ibaraki terrestrial, and the attack does not consume ghost fire. In the ghost-fire suppression type super ghost king, it can perform better than Ibaraki. The disadvantage is that it is too slow to start, and may still be drinking fake wine in the past 3 minutes ... I do n’t know if the fire is online, Jiudun, the king of general attack, quickly made his debut with the unknown fire. Now double swallowing the unknown fire can even abandon the book, pure combo output.

In the last position of the double swallowing, the ugly female lineup can consider level 1 Hongye. After Hongye's death, one less teammate will act, and the number of swallows will increase; the death of Hongye will also irritate the swallow, increase the damage of the swallow and increase the damage. Into.

Royal soul choice: attack attack crit damage break. Conditional crazy bones are best.

近期被开发较多的R卡式神,自带间伤破防是她最大的优点,能解放书翁的暴击需求,同时自身伤害也不俗,还能吸血续航降低队伍治疗压力。 Three-tailed fox: Recently developed more R-card gods. The self-bringing and breaking prevention is her greatest strength. It can liberate the critique of the crow's crit, meanwhile, he can not only do good damage, but also can drain blood to reduce the team's treatment pressure. .

Royal soul choice: attack attack crit damage break.

酒吞的传统下位互换,在斗技中因羽毛比狂气快有较多开发,但是在纯伤害累积的PVE玩法中大不如酒吞,伤害差距较为明显。 Yi Jin Zhentian: The traditional inferiority of Jiu swallow is more developed in the fighting skills because feathers are faster than madness, but in the PVE game of pure damage accumulation, it is not as good as Jiu swallow, and the injury gap is more obvious. And the worst thing is that the monster's attack will cause Zhentian to lose hair, and if it is gone, it may only grow a hair and start a vicious cycle.

Royal Soul Choice: Attack Attack Critical Strike Damage Stitch Girl.

天狗的互换位,弱化了面对大量敌人时的AOE输出表现,强化了面对2-3残存敌人时的表现,因此大天狗更适合应对小怪多的场合,小天狗则算入单体组。 Little Tengu: The swap position of Tengu weakens the AOE output performance when facing a large number of enemies, and strengthens the performance when facing 2-3 surviving enemies. Therefore, Big Tengu is more suitable for situations where there are many mobs. Count into monomer group. Because Dharma in this Super Ghost King is aimed at the ugly girl, a multi-segment god is necessary. In this respect, Inuyasha performs best, and Xiao Tiangu is not inferior.

Royal Soul Choice: Attack Attack Critical Strike Damage Stitch Girl.

加强后异军突起的强力针女输出,在面对2个敌人时拥有最高14段的伤害,大招动画跟吃了炫迈一样快,自身buff可以增伤加速,是解决占位达摩的不二人选。 Inuyasha: Strengthened the strong female output after the sudden rise, and has a maximum of 14 segments of damage when facing 2 enemies. The animation of the big move is as fast as eating Hyun Mai. The buff can increase the damage and speed up. It is a solution to occupy the Dharma. The perfect candidate.

Royal Soul Choice: Attack Attack Critical Strike Damage Stitch Girl.

Auxiliary group:

书翁是现在的逢魔一哥,也是PVE常客,现在流行的“丑书”体系对战单一boss时的超强实力已经在逢魔实战中得以体现。 Shu Weng: Shu Weng is now a brother of Fengmo and a frequent visitor to PVE. The super strength of the popular "ugly book" system against a single boss has been reflected in the actual battle of Fengmo. After the ugly girl connected, Shu Weng cursed the grass man and the body at the same time, and the single output caused damage to the grass man and transferred the body. When the book man acted, the grass man and the body burst out at the same time with 4 million to 500 thousand damage.

At the same time, due to Shu Weng ’s curse damage is limited to 1200% of the upper limit of life, strong attack is basically useless, and attacking the ugly scarecrow does not enjoy a 2.5 times bonus to the strong attack. If you use the ugly book to hit the body stage, it is recommended to attack by attack.

Choice of Royal Soul: Shu Weng suggests preparing multiple sets of Royal Soul. There are 0 critical hits in Shengsheng Crit. You can cooperate with Qing Ji in the AOE stage, and three-tailed foxes in the body stage. Hitting Ibaraki with full crit in conjunction with high critical damage in the panel. Output Ibaraki, who is not satisfied with the upper limit of the book.

But no matter what imperial soul, Shu Weng's speed is slower than ugly girl faster than output.

伤害扩散首选式神,自带破防并提供满血破势线,还能触发丑女御魂二次增伤,可惜被金鱼姬鬼王以及达摩占位克制。 Ugly Girl: The first god of injury diffusion, with its own defense and full blood breaking line. It can also trigger the second injury of the Ugly Girl's soul. Unfortunately, it was restrained by the King of Goldfish and Dharma.

Soul selection: 4 pieces of broken / heart-eye / mad bone + 2 sets of earth spiders, life hits life, hit as high as possible.

:丑女的另一种选择,但只适合群攻组使用。 Small sleeved hand : Another option for ugly girls, but only suitable for group attack. Note that hex must be manually switched to avoid waste fire.

Royal Soul Choice: Fortune, faster than output.

版本强势式神,与酒吞组队非常厉害。 I don't know the fire: The version is powerful and the team with Jiu Tun is very powerful. Under the Starfire Realm, the team ’s general attack combo can also speed up the damage. The second combo blood attack saves the position of the nanny, which is very functional, but it is a pity that the general attack type is limited.

Royal Soul Choice: Japanese Lady or Needle Lady 4 piece set, attack attack crit damage.

同时具备拉条和治疗功能的优秀辅助,本次超鬼王中由于清姬的出色表现,小怪长时间出于冰冻状态不太需要治疗,所以蜜桃也处于待机状态,只有小怪伤害过高书翁hold不住的时候才会登场。 Peach: Excellent assistant with both pull bar and healing functions. Due to the outstanding performance of Qing Ji in Super Ghost King, the mobs are not in need of treatment for a long time because they are frozen, so Peach is also in standby, only mobs It will only appear when the injury is too high for the book to hold.

Royal Soul Choice: Fortune speed, life critical strike, anti-heap critical strike damage to increase healing. Two-piece suits are best.

本次超鬼王活动我最推荐的大奶,适合在高星鬼王伤害扛不住的时候上。 Sakura Demon: My favorite big tits for this Super Ghost King event is suitable for when the high star Ghost King can't hold it. Sakura has two benefits: it does not need pile speed, it can leave more mobile phones to the output teammates, instead of grabbing the show like a flower and bird roll; Royal Soul supports pearls, which can be used for the harassment of Kangbi'an flowers and can reduce Look at the possibility of being BOSS seconds.

Royal soul choice: pearl, life and life critical strike, as high as possible damage.

征伐常用的推条式神,已经是老熟人了。 Eating ghosts: The push-rod gods commonly used in conquests are already old acquaintances. Used to persecute enemy mobs, let mobs experience the joy of turn-based games without turns.

Royal soul choice: 4 sets of lucky money + 2 sets of earth spiders, other attributes do not matter, as fast as possible.

In addition, there are green lights, Xiaobai, Yimianlian, Jiaotu, Yunv, Counting Beads, etc. that need to be played in specific situations. This part of the god can change the imperial soul according to the needs at the time, such as carrying a small Tianguo second person Category. If you are not sure, then you can bring in fortune if you are in doubt.

Basic group attack lineup: Kiyohime + Two-faced Buddha + Chasing the moon god + Aura or Tengu or special attack AOE + auxiliary position

Basic single group lineup: Ibaraki + Shuweng + Ugly Woman + Chasing Luna + auxiliary or output

Unknown fire single lineup: double wine swallow + unknown fire + crazy bone ugly woman + auxiliary or 1st level red leaf offering

You can flexibly change the array according to your own configuration, daily special attacks, and the type of ghost king you encounter. For example, when you retreat from 1-3 star ghost kings, the last auxiliary position of the group attack group can be a letter, an ugly girl, or a small sleeve to increase the damage; 5 stars 6 Star ghost king, I recommend peach or cherry blossoms for life.

When encountering a Dharma placeholder, the single-stage output must be changed to multiple stages. When encountering the Yuba barrier, the Ibaraki lineup is exchanged for wine.

The above is the recommended gameplay skills and lineup of Yuyin Shi Haiguo ’s retreat. I hope it will be helpful to our friends. More related content strategies, Xiaobian will provide information in time! please wait patiently!

Disclaimer: This article is included in the game download for the purpose of conveying information, and it does not mean that the game download agrees with its point of view or confirms its description. If the infringement please inform us by letter, we will deal with it in time.
Yin Yang division

Yin Yang division

Special introduction:

"Yin Yang Shi" is a 3D semi-real-time turn-based RPG mobile game. The game is based on the well-known Yin and Yang division IP in Japan. It has ups and downs plots, rich gameplay, huge epic plots, and various interesting main and side missions. Players can experience the combination of virtual reality gameplay and will bring you to experience the symbiosis of human and ghost Fantasy era. If you are interested, you can download and try!

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