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2019 Miracle Warm and Wonderful Detective Agency

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Miracle Warmth 3.6.0

Miracle Warmth 3.6.0 v3.6.0

Game type: puzzle leisure

Game language: Simplified Chinese

Dress up to develop Tanabata similar to Yun Sang Yu Yi

Size: 391.08MB

Updated: 2017-07-18

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What is the answer to Miracle Warm and Marvelous Detective Agency? This is the current online game in the game. Friends can participate in the activities to answer the correct questions to get rich rewards for redemption of the package.

Summary of Miracle, Warm and Wonderful Detective Agency Answer Questions

Q: What is the set that does not appear in the Apple Federation of the Seven Kingdoms of Achievement Sets?

A: Prehistoric Dreamwalker

Q: Nuan Nuan was invited to the icy and snowy North Country to participate in a grand outdoor snow festival. What is unlikely in her dress?

A: Swimsuit

Q: There are many inferential and investigative literary works on the bookshelf in the study room. Pick a copy and read it. Who is unlikely to appear?

A: Julien Sorell

Q: People are required to bring small animals to attend the pet party held by the owner of the castle in the backyard. Which of the following suits will not be a warm choice?

A: Youqi Youyou

"Wonder Miracle" Wonderful Detective Agency Answers

Q: Su Su, Xiao Xun, Ao Luo and Jie Jieyun went to the same orchestra for an interview.

① Su Su studied the clarinet for many years.

② Xiao Xun's double bass played very well.

③ Auror was a percussionist at school.

④ Jie Jieyun studied piano for several years.

Please infer who of the four is least likely to be selected.

A: Jie Jieyun

Q: In the design competition, the four teams A, B, C and D entered the finals. Nuan Nuan, Da Meow and Xun predicted the results. Only one prediction was correct.

① Nuan Nuan: "The champion is not A."

② Big Meow: "The champion is either B or D."

③ 啵啵: "I don't think B and D can be champions.

Based on clues, which team won in the end?

A: A

Q: There are four kinds of fruit candy in the basket, and each of them took different flavors.

① Yue Qianshuang: "My candy is not strawberry.

② Zhu Ruosheng: "Winter twilight is not strawberry-flavored."

③Bai Jinjin: "I eat watermelon flavor."

④ Winter twilight: "Qian Shuang should eat honeydew."

Please select based on the clue, who eats strawberry flavored fruit candy?

A: Zhu Ruosheng

Q: Lanza, Mela, Shay and Deobi discuss matters in the small conference room in the castle. After the meeting, they leave the conference room in turn.

① Shaye wasn't the first to leave the meeting room, Deobi was behind her.

② Lanza was not the first to go, nor was it the last.

③ Mela is not the second to leave the conference room.

Based on clues, who was the first to leave the conference room?

A: Mela

Q: There is a dress-up party in the castle. Everyone is dressed up.

① The warm skirt has a cross pattern made of roses.

② There is a Shi Diudi on his hat and a handbag on his handbag.

③ Hai Ying is wearing a cape, with magic potion around her waist, and holding a magic wand in her left hand.

④ Ai Si chose the only cloud monk-style costume on the scene.

According to the clues, what is the wrong suit for the four?

A: Warmth of God

Q: There are four different styles of cottages, and guests from different countries live.

① The house is dominated by sci-fi blue, and the design is very sci-fi.

② Echizen Frost's house is a Mori theme with wooden homes as the mainstay.

③ Xueyi's house has blood-colored roses and crosses, which are Gothic style.

④ The bed in Lifeng's room is in the shape of a boat, like being in the blue sea.

Please judge based on the clues. What is wrong with the corresponding cottage among the four?

A: Shay-Sunday corner

The above is a summary of all the answers to the Miraculous Warm and Wonderful Detective Agency 2019. I hope it will be helpful to all of you. Download more information about the game!

Disclaimer: This article is included in the game download for the purpose of conveying information, and it does not mean that the game download agrees with its point of view or confirms its description. If the infringement please inform us by letter, we will deal with it in time.
Miracle warm

Miracle warm

Special introduction:

The game download Miracle Warm Zone, which provides Miracle Warm Download, Miracle Warm with Raiders, Gift Packs, etc. "Miracle Warm" is a warm series after "Warm Dress Up Story" and "Warm Warm Around the World" Third generation works.

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